Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Christmas Preperation.

As my gift sets always seem very popular around Christmas, I spent today make 10 up in preperation, not sure I have done enough but it's a start. I was even tempted to put them in bubble wrap and then put them in the mailing bag, but I thought that was to organised.

I also had an order for 4 cushions so I completed the order and made a few extra. I am trying to stock pile as this week alone I have been asked to do 2 ladies nights and I want to do a craft fair myself. I have got a full day to myself tomorrow to sew, what will I stockpile tomorrow?

Sunday, 19 September 2010

A rainy Sunday!

My afternoon was spent in the workshop, filling my beautifully painted new cupboards.

This then obviously sparked a tidy round. Believe me it is a lot tidier than before.

Hubbo spent the afternoon painting the understair cupbaord and fitting a new light.

And little dear spent the afternoon dressing up as Postman Pat, to say she has turned 6 she still loves Pat!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Cupboard love!

My father in law works as a school caretaker and over the summer period they have had a new block built, so have had to have a major clear out of classrooms. As a result hubbo made a trip and thought I make like this locker cupboard. Its the heaviest thing in the world and for most of the doors it has proper vintage keys. This is the state of the cupboard in undercoat, I just need to persuade hubbo to finish it off!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Progress (At last)

Today felt like I actually achieved something, last week was just catching up with friends and sorting out what needed to be done in terms of getting stock sorted for Christmas!

I started off by making some Raspberry Jam, the raspberries had been provided by my Mum from there garden, then I spent an hour in the workshop making one half of the 'Teachers Gift set'. I set myself a target of 10 sets to make.

I then had the urge to bake so made some chocolate buns, they are very tasty.