Thursday, 13 January 2011

My Dad's birthday!

On Saturday it was my Dad's 65th birthday, an important one I think, it's the one where he retires in June, a big thing for a man who runs his own business!

We made the decision to go out the Monday previous, luckily one of his favourite nip and pop restaurants was ok reservation wise, Prezzo is great for food and always child friendly. We had a great meal and the company as ever was great. We topped off a great meal with Fancie cupcakes, as ever they were gorgeous.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Family treasures!

Following on from my last post about loosing my Grandad, here are just a few of the treasures that I have been able to have. First of all is my Nan's edition of Pride & Prejudice, it was given to my Nan in 1943!

This is just one of many water decanters that my Nan & Grandad had.

A group of random silver spoons.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

In a blur!

Little dear opening her presents on Christmas morning!

Lunch at my Ma & Pa's!

Trip to Clumber Park on Monday, to help clear away the cobwebs!

The festive period, well in fact all of December have just passed in a blur. I seemed to be so busy with NOTHS orders when the snow hit us, that by the 6th December I decided to suspend my shop as working, sewing, packaging and get supplies back in stock was all too much. I know I made the right decision as I did feel I might have to let people down.

New Year has of cause bought upon me new energy, my plans for me Just Original, home and family are endless. A little at a time though. My Nan gave us some money for Christmas so we have joined the National Trust, hence the trip to Cumber Park twice this week. Many other destinations are on the visit list too. Getting fitter by walking will also be a added bonus. My personal plan though is to read more, so for the last 2 nights I have gone to bed early and read a chapter of my Kirsty Homemade Home book. For Just Original the plan is to find some more wholesale customers, and to start preparing Christmas stock now.

On a more personal note my Grandad died just before Christmas. He died just the way he would of wanted though, in his own home, instant and with all of his dignity still intact. My mum is having the not to pleasant task of clearing out a house that my grandparents have lived in for 55 years and they are hoarders. I will show you on my next blog the treasures that I have been able to have.