Monday, 29 September 2008

Faith is restored!

After my recent run of bad luck with Craft fairs I have to say my faith has been restored this weekend with a great fair. It was great for many reasons, this obvious one been that people actually bought my stuff, but they bought a wide variety of my stock and people were so nice. I have subsequently had a few enquires and really feel I may get some more orders from it.

The show itself was Southwell Ploughing Match and to be honest it was more like a County show there was so much going on and it was well organised and very well attended. So I will be doing it again next year.

I also want to say a big thank you to you guys your comments on my last post were great. I am going to the CL fair in November to have a nosey at what to expect and then I will make the decision in the New Year. I may need the help again from you lot for advice from some of you who have done the fair before, but also I might need some of your wares to sell when I am there as the general impression I got from your comments were that I needed lots of stock.

Anyway I have lots to do as I have run low on a lot of stock but luckily I have no fairs until November. I also have lots of swaps to do, me been foolish thought it would be a great pick me up and now I am scratching my head and pulling my hair out!

So hello to my swap partners out there, Lucy from Lucy Locket, Natalie from Roseberry Crafts & Lisa from Bon Souvenir over in the States.

Sorry there are no photo's having problems down loading them at the moment!

Monday, 15 September 2008


I had yet another flop of a fair on Saturday, luckily I only paid £10 for the pitch so I did not have to make a lot to cover the cost, which thank god I did! Yet again the lack of advertising let it down.

I came back from the fair a little deflated even though I had managed to achieve a lot whilst there in terms of making plans, and re-doing all my price tags. I just though to myself why bother! So I have made a promise to myself in that if all my fairs are a little disappointing this year I am going to bite the bullet and do 'The Country Living Fair' next year. I am looking at doing the Scottish one I think but I am not quite sure yet, so if any of you have any advice, tips on attending the CL fairs as an exhibitor they would be gratefully appreciated.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Overwhelming success!

Birthday boy & girl!
Entertainment what fun!

Look at the control she has over them!
I have to say the birthday party was fantastic if I do say so myself everyone including birthday boy & girl enjoyed themselves. The entertainment was absolutely fantastic the kids & adults thought she was brilliant. We judged the food correctly so no waste and I provided bruschetta for the adults as I am over run with tomato's.
I have to say the day was made easier by the fact that me & my friend went to set up the party at 11.30 by 1.05 we were all done and the party did not start until 2.0.clock, so we decided to start and finish a bottle of wine (naughty Mummy's) we were very responsible though.

Thursday, 4 September 2008


At last I have managed to iron out a few issue's with my new website and I have taken it off the 'under construction' mode. Please go and have a look and tell me what you think. There are a few things that still need completing but I was desperate to get it live as I had done the show last weekend so I knew people would want to look at it.
I am now going to turn my attention to little dears party on Saturday, luckily we combine the party with my friends little boys who is 4 on Tuesday and who is little dears best friend. So this cuts down on the workload and more importantly the cost of the thing, I think you can go slightly overboard with things to do with kids parties but we are both really happy with what we have arranged and what it has cost. I will post some photo's on Sunday if I am not too partied out!!!

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Birthday Girl & Back to school, Yipee!

It was little dear's birthday yesterday she was 4! When asked what she would like to do her birthday she asked if she could go horse riding like on the beach at Filey! We booked her in at a local riding school for a private lesson, £18.50 for 1/2 hour. I have to say she loved it and she did as she was told which is very unusual. She loved it that much we booked her in for another lesson and have put her on the waiting list for group lessons which thank god are a little cheaper.

She had lots of nice things, clothes, books, bags, toys and money towards riding stuff if she likes it in another month or so.
School beckons tomorrow, I know reading around blogland that all of you are sad that the holidays are over, but I am relived they are over. I can now start focusing on getting things ready for upcoming fairs particularly the number around Christmas time. Talking of fairs I did one over the weekend near Nottingham, I have to say that it was not all that I was hoping for, very quiet and wet. To be honest I think the clientele was wrong for my stuff (that's not suppose to sound snobbish).
Will catch up soon
Vanessa x