Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Catch up!

I feel I have been away for ages, but not according to the date on the last blog! Well what have I been up to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did a Ladies night in Chesterfield on Thursday night, it went really well. It looks like a have got a wholesale order from it for a toy shop who wants to sell my Pinnies and ballet shoe bags. Watch this space for more information on this one!

I then went to Southwell on Saturday morning with a some what hung over helper (my sister) to attend a Pre-school Christmas Fair. It also went really well, a lot of my bigger items were purchased which made a nice change from the pinnie fest that has been going on in my life for the last few weeks. I also think I will get some website orders as well.

I have one last show to do on Sunday, I would tell you where it is but it is a Victorian Christmas Fair so I have to dress up!!! I look a right prat!! (I'm sure some one will take a photo) I am then going to put some of my stock on Ebay, in the hope of making a little bit of extra cash before Christmas.

Oh I forgot to tell you I'm going to Lanzarote next Thursday yeh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to get my head round all the packing and organising that I need to do before I then. Any way I must get back to my 14 pinnies that need pressing.

See you all soon!

Monday, 19 November 2007

Baking Day!

What do you do if you have some eggs to use? Chucky eggs in chucky cups, egg sandwiches, oh no the little darling wanted to bake, so I thought why not! The chocolate butterfly buns had to be done, as last time we never made it to making the wings as I had no icing sugar, and then we ate them all before I got the chance to go to the shops. Believe me they were very very nice, not that I have eaten them all up.
This is not a freak of nature, its me! I look a bit freaky don't I! (some would say I always look freaky) Whilst on the phone to Sara @ All about Eden, my eyes started to itch & itch, so I rubbed & rubbed them. I then I put eye drops in, took an anti-histamine(incorrect spelling I know) and this was how i looked 30 minutes later!
I then walked into my office, where I had been making up Lavender Pillows and they began to itch again. I had just bought some new Lavender off of Ebay and added it to my stash. I normally buy Norfolk Lavender, but for a change I bought French Lavender. I can not believe how perfumy it is compared to the Norfolk variety. I would sue for industrial injury only that I have not made enough money to make it worth while.
Any way must go to buy some fabric from ebay, and cut out more pinnies for the 2 shows I have this week.

Monday, 12 November 2007

I did Promise!

This was a picture of the stall at the Ladies evening in Chesterfield that I did on Thursday night, it was a fab night both monetary and as giggle, my good friend Eve came to spend the evening with me.

These were picture from the Rufford show that I did over the weekend. I have just recovered and warmed up. The weather on Saturday was bearable, it was just very window at times, but oh my god Sunday was freezing. One of the other stall holders told me I would get 'Car Boot Face' I did not know what she meant! I do now, my face was bright red and so warm, I felt like I was burning up.
Anyway to let you know how it went Sunday was just as good as Saturday monetary wise, but it was a much harder day, every one was spending £2 or £3 at a time. Overall over the weekend I did not sell a lot of my big stuff, but a huge amount of pinnies, lavender bags, button hearts (button snakes from previous posts). I don't think a lot of people were thinking about Christmas shopping and also the show was not well advertised so people did not come there to spend there cash. I had lots of fun though, me, my sister and her friend just laughed and entertained everyone.
I was also asked to attend another Christmas fair on Saturday the 24th November in Southwell near Newark, it's only for a couple of hours so hopefully it should be good one.
I have spent today, cleaning, washing, assessing my stock levels and sorting out my craft fair boxes.
I hope the photo's are of use to anyone out there who has a craft fair coming up, I can not believe how much stock you need to fill in a market stall.

Saturday, 10 November 2007

So very tired!

Wow what a few days, I had a ladies night on Thursday night, that went really well for 2 1/2 hours work, I am now in the middle of a 2 day show at Rufford Country Park near Ollerton in Nottinghamshire. It is my 1st Christmas Fair and other stall holders have told me that Sunday's are normally better than Saturday's. Oh my god if that is the case I'll be sewing until the morning. I have just come back from my Mum's as we quickly had to make up some Pinnies as I have sold 12 over the last few days in Pink Spot, and given they are my best seller I don't want to let the side down. I am really pleased with how my stand looks, the Apple crates from my previous post look fab, and I then purchased a wire Christmas card holder from Cocoa Bean over the phone on Thursday which really set off the stall, we even added lights for the full affect.

Any way must go as I don't want to fall to sleep on the Laptop.

I will post some photo's on the next blog.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

In amidst all the chaos!

These are my Christmas hearts, they obviously are not going to be displayed like this at the fairs!

I ordered 3 apple crates, I have wanted some for ages, and when I spotted these 3 for £40 from Crocus,I thought why not. I am going to use 1 for my fairs and the other 2 are going to be used as storage shelves in my Studio. (I will update you on the progress on the next blog)
Any way what I really want to tell you about was my day at Eden Hall Day Spa in Newark. Me, my sister, my mum and my sisters mother in law booked the day ages ago. Everyone except me had vouchers to spend. We arrived at 9.o clock and we thought we would stuggle to fill the day, but how I was wrong. I went in the pool for an hour, chatted for a further 1/2 an hour, went for lunch at 12, drank a rather big glass of wine, eat the most fabulous meal. We then went in the sauna, tropical mist shower, foot massager, herbal steam room. They were all great. Before you know it it was 2.o clock and I was booked in for my facial. I came out the room after 25 minutes, they then escorted me into a gorgeous 1st floor conservatory with big bean bags. Before you know it it was 4.0 clock, I had fallen off to sleep.
We then all hit the showers (not all together) and then went to the sun lounge for Champagne & Strawberries to round off a mega day. I was so lucky I did not even have to go trick a treating.
Any way back to reality I have fair 1 week today, so I am going to be sewing madly. Unfortunately my Mum's sewing skills are going to sadly missed as she is selling 2 houses next week, so she will be busy cleaning and taking meter readings and things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!