Sunday, 31 January 2010

The weather outside is pleasing!

How nice is to have a sunny dry day, so whats is left to do but to put out the washing!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Charity Shop finds!

A few more Enid books to add to little dears collection, she cannot even read by the way!

2 tea sets, £3.oo for the gold set, the white set £1 and the beautiful pink cup & saucer was 50p. The 2 sets have all ready had candles melted into them and the pink one has been added to my personal stash.

Not a lot going on this week as I have started my new job and let me tell you there more to working in the Post Office other than stamps & car tax!

Off to Scarborough at the weekend for a family catch up, so may have a few photos.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Feeling the Love!

I beautiful personalised love gesture set. My fab sister designed this it has a personalised gift tag/bauble, 4 notelets and a paper LOVE banner. This is for the man in your life! Available in white & black and grey & black.

The button love frame.

Beautiful heart brooch available in red & pink. Made by Sara.

The rose scented heart.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

As promised (studio pictures)

My mini ironing station (wise buy from Ikea, saves going back into the house)

My supplies station.

Corner for paperwork.

The workstation.

Packing supplies (the cause of the change around & sort out)

Little dear work area, master creations are made here.

I will be back soon with my bargains from today's charity shop trip, so chuffed!

Day job tomorrow and then lots of sewing & packaging to do on Thursday as I start my new Job working in my local post office for 1 1/2 days a week on Monday. 3 full days next week due to training.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Sewing resumed!

Work in process!

The finished article.

Button heart picture.

After the upside down week last week, today was the day, after tidying, washing and cooking. I managed some to do some sewing. With the run up to Valentines day I had to make up some products for the website & my not on the high street shop. I did the usual red heart and filled it with roses. I also had a go at something that has been in my head for a while the button heart picture, not 100% happy with it as the glue gun wasn't successful.

I also have a couple of other items that need to be put together before I photo them, so that is tomorrows plan!

I also have had a tidy around in the studio, so I will get some photos taken and show you them tomorrow.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

New to me fabric samples!

I was on the phone to Globaltex the other day ordering some more fabric, and the kind lady asked if I knew they had 2 new colourways in the spotty fabric, I did'nt, but as she reeled off the colours I realised I did not know about 3 other colourways also. I am not sure if they would fit into my Just Original range, but I do like some of them! What do you think?

Friday, 8 January 2010

Tales of the snow!

What to do in the snow but bake low fat blueberry muffins!

Stoke this up, it has been on none stop since before Christmas, I only have 2 bags of coal left and coal man has cancelled on me twice due to snow! The ashes are been thrown onto the drive/pavement to provide good grip!

This had to be done we spent 3 hours building this, I cannot believe how much snow it took to build. It also doubles up well to provide a giant bird table!

More sewing & planning will be achieved over the weekend as little dear is at her Dad's (thank god as I may kill her, we only live next door but one to school, so we could manage to get in, even if there was'nt any teachers!)

Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Nipped to Dunelm Mill yesterday and spotted some bargains! The santa plate was 99p, the reindeer star dish was £1.49. Even though the teapot was not in the sale at £5.49 you cannot turn it down can you.

I don't know if any of you visit Vicky at Anglesey Allsorts but she is giving out some great thrifty ideas for household chores, take a look!

Monday, 4 January 2010

Photo retrieval!

A holiday in May to Crete (little dear Swimming)

Me & little dear on Balcony in Crete

Holiday in July to Ilfracombe with all my family (Little Dear at Exmoor Zoo)

Hubbo/Brother/Niece/Sister/little dear on Woolacombe beach (very windy)

Little dear leaving Pre-School Party

Little dear's 5th Birthday party 01/09/09 at Fancie in Sheffield, brilliant!

A good time was had by all at tea party!

Little dears 1st day at big school 04/09/09

Little dears nativity in December (Inn keepers wife)

My sisters hen weekend in September, 7 woman, 4 pregnant including hen. Pretty tame day activity painting a tea set for the bride.

Finished pots, ready to be baked. Great activity at Fired arts & crafts in Southwell

Italian themed night, great food, wine and non alcoholic drinks for pregnant women!

The 3 non pregnant women in the party (drunk)

Christmas morning, little dear putting on her CK slippers, Santa has good taste!

Sorry there are lots of photos, I have been having problems downloading photo's on my camera since May!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

What did santa bring!

(Photo courtesy of Hope & Elvis)

After much coveting of Hope & Elvis courses of the years, I was the lucky recipient of one of her courses from my sister. She has picked for my the 'Cosy Home' course. I am so looking forward to the end of March. Her studio is set in the lovely Welbeck Abbey estate, with the great Lime Tree Cafe, Harley Gallery, Farm Shop and the Dukeries Garden Centre so there will be ideal spots for some lunch and shopping. Take a look at the website.

There was plenty more things also in my sack, 1 year subscription to Country Homes & Interiors, cooking books, smellies, picture frames, big fluffy dressing gown, candles and much more.

I have been very busy today in the Studio, tomorrow I will try and get some photo's taken from in there.