Tuesday, 28 October 2008

The big 100!

I didn't mean to keep you hanging on with the next post, just that I have been very slack of recent weeks with both housework and Just Original, the only thing that has triumphed in my absence is my cooking skills. Jamie is still doing very well in my house the menu's are so simple. So with this still in mind I am going to do my bit for 'Pass it On'.
To enter my giveaway all you need to do is pass on Jamie's recipe for 'Mackerel Pate' that I blogged about last week. You just need to put the recipe on your blog, and if your really good try making it. Then come back and leave me a comment saying that the deed is done. So come on all you lurkers and you regulars do your bit.
I don't know as yet what the giveaway will be but it will be worthy of the work you will put in.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Jamie Olivers Food Movement! Pass it on!

What with the town of Rotherham being only 10 miles from where I live I been amazed by the antics that Jamie Oliver has been up to. Love him or hate him you have got to give him credit for his goo intentions and effort and passion that goes into every thing he does. So with this in mind my Mum went out and bought his book, Jamies Ministry of Food (£9.79 @ Tesco's). I pinched it the other day and had a look through and I have to say for a lass that hates cooking but loves baking there are a fair few recipes that I am going to try. They are pretty simple, no faffy ingredients and I have to say after today's efforts they taste 'Bloody Lovely'. So in Jamie's words 'Pass it on', so here goes.

Smoked Mackerel Pate

4 Smoked Mackerel Fillets taken off the skin and mashed
4 Finely chopped Spring Onions
1/2 the rind of a Lemon
1/2 the juice of a Lemon
1 small container of Philidelphia
2 tablespoons of Horseradish
Black Pepper

Basically just mush it all up together and serve on warm ciabatta or crusty bread.

It tastes really great even little dear loved it, a great weekend lunch recipe!

I then made some Pork Kebabs with a sage, onion and lemon dressing again easy to make and lush to taste!

After all the cooking in the house today I went into my work room with little dear in tow and started to get inspired by the Christmas bug! I had a play around with my button stash and made some little brooches and then had a go at making a little fat robin!

With regards to the to do list not a one thing done! Oh well there's always tomorrow.
One more post until the biggest giveaway on blogland this year, only joking! but please come back.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Home Sweet Home

As you can see the hills were a live with the sound of music!
Well the weekend just flew by and luckily the weather held out for us, so some walking was done. I have to say it was nice to get home as little dear spent her nights there on a blew up bed at the side of me and god does she snore & wriggle!
Well now back to reality and the epic list continues & grows from last week, so here goes:-
  1. Finish off my accounts, they need to be with HMCE by the 1st November.
  2. Start thinking about my next newsletter.
  3. Cut out the 4 custom ordered cushions.
  4. Send out magazine swap items, Campervan/Magazine
  5. Cut out 10 childs aprons.
  6. 4 bibs started & finished.
  7. The epic 'Lavender Bag' assault continues.

I will keep you posted on how things are throughout the week, what am I talking about week its Thursday tomorrow!

I have also opened a Folksy shop today, I would love your views on the whole Esty/Folksy thing.

Just realised I am 2 posts away from the big 100, so check back soon, as if I have not got enough to do I will do a 'Giveaway'.

Friday, 10 October 2008

Update 3!

Sorry no photo's!

Yesterday was not as productive as planned as I was so tired that I went to sleep for an hour in the afternoon! But got done Package for potential wholesale customer and 5 weekend set bags.

Any way must dash as I am going away!

Have a good weekend, catch up Tuesday!

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Update 3!

Weekend gift tags cut out and labels stuck inside them.

Yesterdays Eco totes now photographed.

I have not achieved a great deal today as I have been at work and the took little dear to dancing. Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive as little dear is at Pre-school in the morning and then off to nursery in the afternoon. But I do have some chores to do in preparation for our weekend away.
Wish me luck!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Update 2!

Gift set ideas for Christmas all 10 made up.

Teacher gift idea made, I hate it but it's one thing of my list

Baby bib finishes (not on the list).
I also managed to finish the 10 eco bags, but I did not photo them, but I will take photo's tomorrow. In between my day job and taking my daughter to ballet!
I also did something great today as I spent 2 hours teaching a friend how to use her sewing machine, we managed to sew a lavender heart which she thought was amazing. It was a really strange as I am not the greatest machinist at all but I used to be a Training Manager so it was a blast from the past for me in terms of covering the basics, how to explain things and how not to plough in and just take over. We are going to make a cushion cover on our next lesson!
Catch up tomorrow.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Day one!

Photo quality not great but they always say proofs in the pudding!
20 recipe books cut, folded and stitched together!

20 baking set bags done, labels made and sewn onto hearts!

Also cut out 4 bibs cut (additional)
1hr of gardening
1/2 hour of ironing
I forgot to mention as I had a momentary lapse, I am going away on Friday morning so the pressure is real on!
See you tomorrow

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Busy week ahead!

This is a photo taken a couple of Saturdays ago at Clumber Park. Little dear absolutely loves paddling through this ford. The funny thing was that as we were sat in the car eating our picnic about 10 cyclist attempted to go through the ford and fell off on the green sludge!

Well I have had a busy week and next week seems to continue the theme. But my high light this week was booking tickets to the Country Living fair in London. Me & my sister are going down for a nosey to see if it is a viable option for next year for Just Original.

I have lots to do this week so to make sure I am achieving things I am going to blog every evening this week with my done list, but I am going to write down my definitely must do list and anything I do extra to this is a real bonus.

  1. Finish off 'Campervan Swap' items.
  2. Make up 10 Eco bags.DONE
  3. Cut out 4 cushions for an order.
  4. Make up 20 recipe books for baking sets. (All ready printed, need cutting & sewing)-DONE
  5. Put together a package for a potential wholesale customer.DONE
  6. Make up 10 'Weekend' set netting bags.DONE
  7. Cut out labels for weekend sets.DONE
  8. Start making up gift sets. DONE
  9. Cut out 10 cushions.
  10. Cut out 10 child's aprons.
  11. Make up 10 baking set bags. DONE
  12. Lavender bags & more lavender bags.
  13. Try out some new gift ideas for Teachers Christmas gifts. DONE

As you can see lots to do, so I will let you know how I get on tomorrow with pictures as proof.