Sunday, 24 February 2008

2 Dishwashers full & 2 sink full of pots!

I wanted to post some pictures but my computer is not down loading pictures So here goes!

I have managed to knit 8 rows, I have to say they are not great but I have had such a laugh with my Mum doing them!

I went to my Nephew 1st birthday this weekend, it was really great! My Nephew has a strange Kromosone (?) disorder and also a muscle disorderThey have been really lucky though as he was diagnosed before Christmas and his Mum has been battling with many departments within the NHS to get him some treatment. But they did end up going out to Washington (USA) to get some more support from a leading doctor in the field and also to get a Testosterone injection. In spite of all his problems he is the most gorgeous little boy and I think he had a good birthday (he did sleep for 3 hours).

I then decided after spending some time at the 30 minute gym to nip to Asda and buy a big Chicken to do a Sunday roast. I invited my Sister and bloke, and then asked my Mum & Dad and then my Brother and his girlfriend. They were all amazed by the invite they just had to come they felt is was a Royal invitation as I am renowned for my Marks & Spencers style of cooking.

They all turned up at 5.30, and left at 9.o.clock full to busting with good food and lots of wine & beer. It was a really good meal if I do say so myself. All my family were very shocked by my cooking ability Cheeky!!! The other good thing with entertaining is that I get to use my best dining set that I got as a wedding present from my Family. The bad thing so is that I have to do all the washing up as the hostess.

My Mum did bath the little dear and read her a story, but she is still awake!

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Mr Postman!

How beautiful is this its a Mabel Lucie Attweel Carltonware jug that I won on Ebay over the weekend! I love Mabel Lucie Attwell stuff but I normally purchase just postcards, but when I saw this I thought what the hell as it was so beautiful. Its a special addition and only 100 were produced and I have number 10.
This is what hubbo bought me for Valentines day! As you might have guessed he is not very romantic. 1st thing is that I did not get anything actually on the day, not even a card. 2nd thing i had to email the link from amazon to buy this particular book. To be fair we do not normally do alot on Valentines day as our anniversary for getting together is on the 18th Feb. But this has now been taken over by our wedding anniversary on the 28th May. Also to be fair I only got him a card and some new socks on Saturday! How romantic!!
Any way coming back to the 'How to knit' book, I have been saying to Sara @all about Eden how I want to learn to knit for a few months now but I have not found a suitable book. But via another blogger they recommended that they had been recommended this book I have now taken the plunge! What I am talking about I have no needles or wool yet (Sara load up that wool on your blog so I can pick some out to learn on).
I will let you all know how I can get on! So you can all laugh!

Monday, 18 February 2008

How did I get on then!

My little dear thinks she can use my magazine stash for stepping stones! How dare she!

  • Gym (tick)

  • Visit farmer Market (tick)

  • Do some sewing (tick)

  • Load items onto ebay (tick) etsy (x)

  • Tidy up (tick)

  • Cut out pinnies (x)

Go to see Mark Ronson (tick). To be honest I was a little dissapointed, don't get me wrong at times he was brilliant (Valerie etc) but in between it was a bit like a kareokee show. What happened he had lots of different artists that would sing one of his songs and they would then sing a couple of there own! However this meant the atmosphere was not that great as the crowd did not know there songs. However I was a little drunk as we were at Sheffield Universities student Union building. Cheap drink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We then went to my sisters local kebeb house yum yum yum!

We then got home at 1.o clock this morning. Luckily for us my mum & dad said they would drop of the little dear at Pre-school this morning, so we had a lie in and i managed to get some cleaning done before I had to pick her up!

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Why oh Why!

Why did I bother messing about with the layout of my blog, I have now gone & lost all my links............................................. Really annoying as it bored me loading the few on that I had.

Our day out!

We had a family day out (No hubbo!) on Thursday the coldest & wettest day of the week typically. Me, My Mum, Dad & sister and my little dear and my niece went to Hodstock Priory in Blyth. We are lucky enough to live in walking distance of it, even though we did drive. It is renowned for its snowdrop displays. Its a good 3 hour trip out. It has 2 walks, 1 around the gardens and the other around the woods. Both are only a maximum of 1 1/2 miles. This year there has been some changes though a new bees nest site, fairies to find on the walks and a great new tea rooms and gift shop, and you can also have a walk around parts of the house. The chocolate cake and apple turnover can not be recommended enough, they are all reasonalby priced aswell. The display is on until next month and the cost is not bad either £4.50 adults, 6-16 year olds £1, under 6 Free. There is plenty of picnic tables and a small market selling plants. The websiter address is or just type in hodstock gardens in your search engine. We had a great day out and would highly rate it, so if your in the area take a visit.
This weekend plans are as follows:
  • Go to gym
  • Go to Retford farmers market.
  • Do a bot of sewing
  • Get some items loaded on ebay/etsy
  • Tidy up again!!!
  • Cut out some more pinnies
  • Go and see Mark Ronson tommorrow at Sheffield octagon. Yeh!

I hope you all have a good weekend and don't forget to put your heating on through the night so your pipes don't freeze (well my hubbo is a heating engineer).

Friday, 8 February 2008

What happened there then!

I just wanted to say in my previous post, What a beautiful day, my little darling has been playing out in the garden all morning. I have dried to loads of washing on the line. And most of all my mood has lifted I feel very inspired!!!!!!!

Also I went to sewing class last night and managed to get 3 cushion covers finished, and also did some cutting out. Yeh!

I just want to say have you seen Catherine's (Mollycupcake) 2 daughters on her blog in my pinnies, they look so cute!

Just a quick blog!

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Draughts every where!

What's going on I have just had another order for 2 more draught excluders. I'm really pleased with the fact that I am still getting orders on the web, but please can someone order something other than a draught excluder. This is not a plee for people to go an place an order on my website, I am just voicing a concern for all the drafty house in the UK. But if of course you do feel the need to make an order feel free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Sorry I've been away so long!

We went to Scarborough last weekend, on our 'Walton's Outing' that we have every year with my Dad's side of the family. The weather was fantastic so on Sunday we went through to Filey and had the afternoon on the beach. I then decided rather than going home I was going to spend the night at my Mum & Dad's in Filey. It was fab! We had a lovely Italian on Sunday night and I was tucked up in bed at 9.20 I then hand delivered a wholesale order in Filey and show them some of my new stuff & some Sara's wears. So hopefully both of us will get some extra business.

I have then been busy cleaning/sorting/listing lots of my daughters baby clothes on Ebay. Very little sewing has been achieved other than some more bunting and other products to load on to my Website as I am thinking of doing another re-vamp as I not completely happy with the way it looks.

Anyway must go to get back to the pending ironing pile, I did 3 1/2 hours of ironing on Thursday!! (Failed on my New Years Resolution)