Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Just to show what i have been up to!

Forgot to show you these, I went into the local Cancer research Shop and walked out with these! £2.50 for 2 table clothes & a pillow case. You lot say there are no bargains out their! Come and visit the Charity shops in Retford, there is still loads left!!!!!

This is my greatest achievement, I never would of thought that I had the patience to make bunting!

See you all later in the week. I am on my own (with little darling) for 2 nights as hubbo has gone up to Keswick! YEH!!!!!!!!!!
Blogging in peace

Saturday, 19 January 2008

The Production Line is up & running!

I decided the best way for me is to cut out lots of things at once and then sew at my leisure. I have managed to sew up 6 tissue holders, 4 lavender hearts, 3 lavender pillows, 1 baby bib, 1 bag and 2 mini lavender sachets. Most of the material used was from my new stash of Cath Kidston fabric. I had a delivery of 3 metres of different fabric from CK herself(on-line shop) that my husband treated me to last week. I have plans for every last cm of it. I was getting rather bored of my Just Original fabric so that's why I had a change for a week or two.

Actually I have got to get back into the Just Original fabric as I have had an order from one of my wholesalers, and its for something that I have not replenished since the Christmas rush.

My task tomorrow is to hopefully take some photo's and open an Etsy shop! That little task has been on my to do list since last week, it will probably be on there next week!

Have a great day tomorrow!

Thursday, 17 January 2008

We need your help!

This is a request from my sister, she is setting up a business producing wedding stationary. She is putting together a business plan and she needs to do some market research. She needs to ask you what the approx cost of your Wedding and roughly how much your wedding stationary cost you! I would like to say there was a prize for the most expensive wedding but there is not! Just lots of fab invites to look at in the future when she gets up & running.

Thanks a lot

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Unpacking the baby stuff!

No I am not pregnant, one of my friends is pregnant and she is coming over tonight to pick up all my baby stuff. Cot, Sterilisers, play mat and some new born baby clothes. Me & hubbo went into the loft night and got all the stuff out. I started looking at all the baby clothes and what size they were, I did not get broody I was just sad that I DON'T want anymore children.

I have found it really hard been a Mum, and for a woman that used to be a training manager, I have no patience with her. I find myself shouting and can not wait for some-one to take her off my hands!! I sound really nasty, I do love her to death and she gives me a purpose in life, if that makes sense! The really funny thing is that her birthday is on the 1st of September so she will be 5 when she starts school, as the local Primary School has only one intake a year. By then I think I will be tearing my hair out and she will be really bored!

Any way must get back to my Leek & Potato soup.

Thanks again for all my comments on my last post, I am still feeling inspired!

Friday, 11 January 2008

Ship up or ship out!

I used to say the very same words to any members of my staff that I felt were not giving a 100% This words sprang true today but for myself. I have been a little indecisive as to how my life is panning out today. Should I go back to the world of proper work, should I send my little dear to 2 1/2 days full time nursery, What the hell! After speaking to Sara today I decided to grab myself by the horns and just get on with it! I kept using the excuse that I did not sew as much as I could as I did not have the room, I did not feel inspired. So when I shipped my little dear off to Pre-school I just got on with it!This is my sewing/storage room at the moment and to be honest I should be thankful I have my own creative room, where no one but me goes in.
I know its a bit of a mess but that was my 1st job, I had a proper sort through. I put all my fabric in one place rather than been in every nook & crevice available.

My fabric stash even extends into my daughter bedroom cupboard, partially rectified today.

I then got creative and made this Valentine heart for my website. I have to say I feel a lot better and I have for the minute decided just to get on with it and stop winging.

These were my fishcakes that I made for Thursday tea, this was a really big thing for me as I only usually eat fish in the finger variety. I know tell look like a failure but belief me they were sensational!

Monday, 7 January 2008


Just to let you know what I have done off my list today

  • Apron completed (this was suppose to be a present for my Mum for Christmas).
  • Tea towel trialled and washed twice to check for shrinkage.
  • Ordered fabric.
  • Thought about photo's, need a professional photographer or my sister's intervention.
  • Can not remember the 5th thing so I have obviously not done it.

Might see you all tomorrow!

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Making up for the lack of photo's

This book is one of my Christmas presents from my Mum. As a child I used to beleive in fairies at the bottom of the garden. The title of the book is 'How to find flower fairies'. I tell you the amount of work that has gone into this book is unbelievable, each page has a pop up seen.

This was a present from my sister, it's a fab mobile/lamp shade, very delicate as I throw it into a storage box waiting for the office to be built.

The fab cakes were my Christmas present from my great friend Sara @all about eden (can you see the free publicity sara). The cake stand was what I wanted for Christmas but no-one took the big hints, so I bought it myself from Dunelm. It was a bargain £6.99 with 20% off in the sale.

The fab bag is my daughters present from her godmother. My oldest friend Jill lives in Milan and she bought this from a French shop in Milan!!!

I thought I would give you an update on the office/studio, my hubbo and his Dad have been working on it all over the Christmas period. After this photo was taken the roof trussers were put in place yeh!

This ones for Sara, I don't see your photo up on your blog! Me & Sara met up on Christmas Eve in Chesterfield and she bought these THINGS, and told me I had to take a picture of me wearing it and put it up on my blog.

My little dear starts back at school tomorrow so to start with list One.
  • Order Fabric
  • Cut out 10 kids aprons
  • Make up a half pinnie/tea towel
  • Send out Thank you cards
  • Think about the photo's for my website

Very realistic list don't you think!

Thank you all very much for the comments you leave on my blog, but if you talk to any of my friends they will tell you that I am rubbish to replying to a text message never mind an email!! I do love reading them so please keep leaving them.