Monday, 19 October 2009

A different kind of fair!

I was child free yesterday and my sister was attending a wedding show so after a phone call requesting lunch as she was starving, I made a short trek down the road to Hodsock Priory to provide refreshments. I don't know how the fair was for her as unlike my shows it does not provide instant results but the vibe felt good!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

What's in your stash!

I have an idea mulling around in my head and I need your help. I buy some of my basic sewing supplies e.g cording, seam binding, bias binding from a lady on my local market and she supplies it in bulk e.g 30 metre rolls. I also obviously go through a hell of a lot of white guttermans cotton. There are probably also a lot of items you do the same but I want to know what they are and how you get them e.g do you buy from a wholesale haberdashery, from your local sewing shop in small amounts or from some where like Dunelm Mill.
Please let me know as you have probably guessed my idea it to start supplying it.
Thank you

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Long time no see!

Well what can I say, it is now October and I feel like I have been away for ages (well I have). There has been so much going on, well my last post was full of happenings and plans, but they all went up in smoke. Me & hubbo have split up, no drama attached just we were both unhappy with each other and it took the possibility of a new house to realise we were probably just covering over the cracks. We are still friends and we are trying to move on.

Anyway onwards and upwards!

Got loads going on, craft fairs, joining Not On The High Street, Little dear starting school, sorting out a mortgage, decorating the house. So hopefully I will have lots to blog about over the next few weeks.

I have joined Twitter, its great!