Sunday, 7 September 2008

Overwhelming success!

Birthday boy & girl!
Entertainment what fun!

Look at the control she has over them!
I have to say the birthday party was fantastic if I do say so myself everyone including birthday boy & girl enjoyed themselves. The entertainment was absolutely fantastic the kids & adults thought she was brilliant. We judged the food correctly so no waste and I provided bruschetta for the adults as I am over run with tomato's.
I have to say the day was made easier by the fact that me & my friend went to set up the party at 11.30 by 1.05 we were all done and the party did not start until 2.0.clock, so we decided to start and finish a bottle of wine (naughty Mummy's) we were very responsible though.


Summer by the sea said...

Looks like a great party (for the naughty mummy's too!)
Natalie x P.S - Saw your mum today, either she's in Filey or she has a double!

Petticoat Lane said...

Did I spot the magnificent Jo Jingles there giving a helping hand?
Looks like it went really well for you all. I too was fortunate(?) enough to be surrounded by a vast number of over-excited little people during my daughters party on Friday! Wish I'd thought of the wine though!
Jane. x

Miss sew n sew said...

Your new website is looking great. I'm glad you had a good party the entertainment looks fantastic they all look like their enjoying themselves!

Cathy said...

Glad the party went well. I have to say that for all of ours the alcohol for the grown-ups has been very welcome! Looks like it all went swimmingly!
Cathy XX

picciolo said...

I'm glad the party went well, the bruchetta sounds delicious too!
: )

periwinkle said...

looks like they had a great time -- we are off to Wacky Warehouse on Saturday for a friends boys birthday -- pity I cant take a bottle of wine in there!!!

Lea said...

It looks like everybody had great fun :) xxx