Monday, 27 April 2009

Catch Up!

Sorry for my absence it was not intentional, just life get's in the way. So today I promised myself that I would make the effort to blog. I have been keeping up to date on you lot, but again I have been lazy as I have not left any comments, so again this week is going to change. I promised myself that I would leave 3 comments an evening.

To ease my self in gradually I thought I would let you know what I have been up to.

My great swap partner Kirsty from Ruby's Mamma Makes it, sent me this great set of gifts, the bracelet that she made me is gorgeous and has been worn on many an occasion. The mug is used on a daily basis for morning cup of tea.

Little dear had her Pre-School Easter party.

Over the Easter weekend we visited Keswick and thank god there was no DIY involved! Little dear loves any thing Peter Rabbit/Beatrix Potter, so we decided armed with my Mum's Scottish National Trust card to visit Hill Top Farm, I have to say it was great the guide took a shine to little dear and showed her all the hiding places of 'Samuel Whiskers'!

We bought little dear her 1st pair of proper walking boots so it was only right that we christened them with a 4 mile walk, but little dear also thought they were climbing boots!!!!
I will be back later in the week (promise) with my new vegetable plot and things I have been sewing.


Simply H said...

Thanks for popping by my blog via mollycupcakes and for your kind comments! I love your studio, I dream of a room of my own to sew in! Yours looks lovely and very inspiring!


Toniann (aka Ketty) said...

Hiya Sweetie, lovely to see you back blogging, i have missed your pots! Hope to catch up with you very soon ;)

saraeden said...

Glad your back !! Love the photo's of little dear !!

Sara x

Fabric and Bags said...

Nice to see you back!


Anne x

Josie-Mary said...

Good to have you back. Can't wait to see your veg patch :)

Anonymous said...

Just popped by to say hi and that I am trying to get the Northern Belles blog up and running again as it has been a bit neglected recently! Would love to hear from you. I also have my own blog Emily Picke Material Addict - all comments welcome! Kate x

Livvy and Me said...

Lovely to see what you've been up to, you have my sympathy when it comes to life catching up wth you, I know the feeling!


Carol said...

Hi and me both then! I have given up trying to keep up.
It was good to pop in and see you again.
Carol x