Thursday, 8 October 2009

What's in your stash!

I have an idea mulling around in my head and I need your help. I buy some of my basic sewing supplies e.g cording, seam binding, bias binding from a lady on my local market and she supplies it in bulk e.g 30 metre rolls. I also obviously go through a hell of a lot of white guttermans cotton. There are probably also a lot of items you do the same but I want to know what they are and how you get them e.g do you buy from a wholesale haberdashery, from your local sewing shop in small amounts or from some where like Dunelm Mill.
Please let me know as you have probably guessed my idea it to start supplying it.
Thank you


driftwood said...

I buy thread and sundries from Boyes - well I used to till we moved, panic, hadn't thought about that, things I want lots of like piping cord, and bias tape I'll order, habbyworld is good if you want to compare mailorder prices.
good luck

Jackie said...

I buy a regular series of things from different suppliers. Wool from winghams, Natesh threads from Silken strands, velvet from Whaleys and so on. Other basic sewing stuff I get from Abakhan, Oh and Harris Tweed from the weaver.

Peak Princess said...

I'm supplied direct by Liberty of London for fabric but use a whole variety of other suppliers for everything else including Jones of Nottingham for buttons, Taylors of Manchester for Beresford ribbons, cover buttons etc, Wimsew of Tooting for everything and anything and Pak Cloth House in Balham for lining fabric plus lots of lovely local suppliers like Glossop's Sewing Box & Craft centre, Jack Oldhams of Whaley Bridge, the Macclesfield Fent Shop and I've just been tipped off about the Tiviot Mill in Broadbotton. I'm a haberdashery addict and always looking for good suppliers so please do email me if you do go into this. Thanks. Lissa, Peak Princess (

Pam said...

A bit like Lissa, I get my supplies from a number of places, but usually online as there's only one local sewing supplies shop - and their prices aren't great when you're buying large quantities. All the usual places, but I do use Country Baskets (wholesa) too, which is great for 50m reels of basic ribbons.
Please let me know if you do start - I'll definitely put a link on the blog.
Pam x