Sunday, 17 April 2011

A few treasures!

I had a lovely Mothers Day, look what little dear bought me, I felt very spoilt!

Picked up this great commemorative Tetley tin from the coop, £2.50 and it was full of tea bags!

My lovely sister bought me this, I personally think it was bribe in exchange more marmalade, it's from Matalan.

And then finally again from my sister, her mother in law passed it onto her, from her family, but given my sister hubbo is an only child she had no no one to pass it onto, so my sister asked if it was ok to give it to me!

Look how much there is, 2 boxes worth!


Diane said...

Wow!! thats a lot of china! Are you going to use it ?

Helen said...

Woderful tea set, I bet you are chuffed to bits!!
Helen x

potterjotter said...

That tea set is wonderful - so delicate looking. I might be afraid to use it; maybe just for special occasions?

a!k0 said...

Wow..I love the china set :D Lovely...and yes you are very spoilt but that's what mother's day is for ^^


Haus of Duzniak said...

Wow that looks like a really cool tea set. It's hard to find ones like that anymore.xx

tashi said...

cute! ;)