Sunday, 9 October 2011

Just Original Animals!

On the last post about our ever growing animals I showed you just 2 original chickens, Beatrix & Mabel. But after a visit to an agricultural show back in May I could not resist little MAY our Rhode Island Red Bantum. We thought she might get bullied by the other 2 bigger chcikens, how wrong were we. She has a British Bulldog instinct!

If I had known what great pets they make, I would of got Chickens years ago!

Here's Boo my daughter Beautiful Bunny, very loving and loves getting out in the garden with the Chickens.


H said...

I've often thought how much I would enjoy keeping chickens, but we have foxes - lots of foxes - and we also go away to friends quite often, so it's not really feasible.

jesino said...