Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Spring time!

Last June we became the proud owners of an allotment in our next town. The plot had not been in use properly for 3 years so you can imagine what state it was in. Knowing that me & hubbo would not be able to manage it ourself or have the know how, my Ma & Pa are pitching in.

We missed the main growing season last year but luckily we managed to turn over a small plot and get in some winter vegetables. Most were free from fellow plot holders who had some spare plug plants.

Me and my Ma paid a visit yesterday for a few hours to turn over a section. Whilst there we dug up some swede, kale, cabbages, celeriac and leeks. There was even enough to give out some freebies to friends and families. It felt good to be out in the fresh air it almost felt like Spring!


Adaliza said...

Home-grown veg in January - very impressive! Love your chickens - I've got a pet duck called Flora! Thought the Christmas table looked lovely too!

Anonymous said...

I had an allotment for several years and never managed to get more that a bit of sprouting broccoli at this time of year, so I am very impressed and rather jealous!!

saraeden said...

I have some spare seeds i will send you soon, far too many for my little plot xx