Tuesday, 6 November 2012

WI workshop.

In our wisdom back in January me, my sister and a friend offered to run an in house workshop to save on the pennies at out WI.  The title of our workshop was 'Homemade Christmas'.  We spent time decorating the souless grey room that we meet in and gathering together all of our resources. We broke down the workshop into 3 different sections, home decorations, gift wrapping & gift ideas. We tried to get it through to the ladies the idea of gathering things throughout the year, old wrapping paper, broken jewellery, sale items!

My section was gifts, ideas were given such as homemade fire lighters, teenage breakfast set, movie set, lavender sugar, sloe gin, baking jars and homemade body scrub.  After a brief talk we then moved room into the kitchen area after a brief stop at the refreshment station of Mulled wine & mince pies. I then showed the ladies how to make a body scrub it went down very well.

Lavender & Rosemary Body Scrub

Granulated Sugar
Olive Oil
6 drops of lavender oil
4 drops of rosemary oil
tablespoon of lavender

Get a jam jar and fill with sugar until almost full. Tip into a bowl, add the olive oil until all the sugar becomes stuck together but not saturated. Add the essential oils and dried lavender, mix well. Put back into the jar decorate the jar and voila a perfect homemade gift.

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