Friday, 8 June 2007

Busy weekend a head

I have lots to do for this weekend, as it is my Mum's 60th Birthday. She told me and my brothers/sister we were not to spend money on her as none of us have any!! So me & my sister came up with the idea to organise a memory box for her, the idea being that we all put things in that remind us of certian things about my mum, or certain events. The problem been that I am sure it would of been easier to just go and buy her a present and pay for it on the plastic, as it is now taking up so much of our time. I have got to make her a tissue cover and organise all the deserts for a party we are having for on Sunday. My sister has just called so I have just organised my mum a big bouquet of flowers!!! I also must get on with cleaning the house as my husband has eventually mended my hoover after 1 month!! I know what your thinking 1 month with no hoovering! I have been borrowing my Mum's but's its not as good as the DYSON.

After cleaning I must get on with booking some more craft fairs for later on in the year so I can generate some more money.

Anyone interested in visiting my website, please leave me a message, tell me what you think about the site.

spk soon



sarah said...

Hi i have just had a look on your website you have some lovely things for sale !
Sarah x

sarah said...

Vannesa can you email me about the ribbon, Sarah x

saraeden said...

hey up ive found you !!!
welcome to the addictive world of blogging hun

Sara x

Picture it in Stitches said...

This is rapidly turning into the "Sarah" comment box !! I've just checked out your site and you have the most gorgeous things on there .. and if that's your daughter, she too is gorgeous !! Sarah x