Thursday, 12 July 2007

I felt I must blog! Well what has been happening, I have been away to Scotland staying in a castle. I managed to find a really nice shop that might be interested in taking some of my stock. The shop in Filey that have bought some of my stock from me have sold some, not a lot as the weather has been rather miserable around here lately. I have sent a pile of stuff down to House Of Bartlett in St Ives for them to hopefully sell! Fingers crossed as I had to complete a Business Plan/cashflow thingy this week and I need to make some serious sales. I have also decided to take the plunge and open a shop on Ebay. I will be listing this weekend!

I will try to make my blog more interesting next time with some photo's. I got a lovely digital camera for my birthday, but I did not get a lovely memory card to go with it!! Boo Hoo



saraeden said...

i like the new look !
i hope your going to have fun with your new card !!!

Sara x

Sarah said...

Ooo... a castle in Scotland, that sounds lovely.

Your website is gorgeous!

Thanks for checking out my blog!

Crafty B said...

Hi Vanessa,
Just been checking through my blog comments and came across yours, sorry not replied!
I am taking a blog break to hopefully make lots of the bags to put on etsy, so check my blog in a few weeks. Thanks for stopping by :)

dottycookie said...

Business plans ?! Sounds completely terrifying - good luck!