Thursday, 26 July 2007

Ebay odsessed!!!!!!!!!!!!

I finally managed to get hold of a memory card for my supa dupa camera, I then had to figure out how it worked and how to download the photo's. I managed to take lots of photo's of all my stock on the only nice sunny day we have had for months. I then wrote up all my descriptions to put along side the photo's for Ebay.

I then spent hours of my precious time listing them. I then spent yet more precious hours checking my ebay to see if anything had sold, how many watchers there were only to be disapointed 7 days later, when only 2 out of 15 items sold for next to nothing!!! I did manage to sell 2 items over the phone to someone who enquired via ebay(naughty me).

Anyway I must go and cut out more stock as I have a show in 3 weeks. And I am trying out some new creations.

Happy Holiday's to all your Mum's with the kids off school!! (I hope they don't drive you to drink).



sarah said...

Hi Vannessa, hope you have some better luck with ebay next time but good luck with your show. sarah x

dottycookie said...

Hope all goes better with ebay in future - I just made my very first purchase - nothing like being behind the times!

Thanks for looking at my blog!