Sunday, 2 December 2007

My luck had to run out some time!

It's just a quick post as I am childless for a few hours. I went to do the Victorian Fair today in Beckingham. I have to say it was rubbish the weather obviously did not help! I was told I would be inside as it turned out this meant a marquee with wet grass under foot! I had come all prepared to be inside (no thick socks/gloves/scarf).

I have to say though out of the 5 marquees only 2 were left standing by the end of it, mine been one of them, thank god! to be honest it felt like all the car boot people on there way home had popped in! (i am not saying the one with taste like yourselves!!).

The up side to it all was that I thought I would be at it until 3 0 clock but I left early and the hubby has taken the little darling out! I have just sat & eat a piece of carrot cake (nice cake stall next to mine) and watched Star Wars, life the dream!


lupin cottage designs said...

Hi vannessa, I'm sorry your day didn't go well but I'm sure the cake cheered you up. You'll have to post a list of where and when you are doing your stalls.

Sorry i forgot to get back to you about the aprons I purchased they were lovely and thankyou for the lavender heart


Florence said...

Oh gosh, you poor thing! That sounds awful. I so dislike not being properly dressed for the cold. The carrot cake sounds like it may have been worth it though!

Katy said...

oh no, what a nightmare. I've got my last one on sunday - and it's outside.....but I can tell you now, if I wake up sunday morning and it's raining, I'm not going anywhere!!!!!!!

mollycupcakes said...

Oh honey not the best of days for you.
But a very nice cosy evening. There is nothing a paice of carrot cake to make things better.


Catherine x