Sunday, 30 December 2007

New Years Resolution List! (another list)

After reading plenty of blogs over the last few days, alot of you said that you made your NYR on your blog which made you more aware of what they were and a good tool to look back on at the end of the year! So here goes, bear in mind I might add to this over the next few days.

  1. Loose weight - My sister is getting married in December so that should be an incentive.
  2. Make more of an effort to cook - I am the take out queen.
  3. Spend more time making things with my daughter.
  4. Do some sort of exercise - the only exercise I get is for my eyes reading the blogs.
  5. Not to spend so much time on my computer.
  6. Start saving/stop spending
  7. Iron on regular basis - Once a month does not constitute regular.
  8. Spend more time developing the Just Original brand.
  9. Do more sewing.
  10. Eat more fruit - I am allergic to every thing other than oranges/bananas/grapes/melon.
  11. Recycle more.
  12. Go out with my hubbo more regularly.
  13. Source cheaper haberdashery products for Just Original.

As you can tell this list is in no particular order!!

I hope you all have a great New Year.


Claire said...

Like you I am trying to get together a list of NYR and I keep adding things I know should be on there, and then crossing them off - maybe I will do them when I am a little bit hungover tomorrow, starting with "drink less..."
Happy New Year x

dottycookie said...

Other than the ones specific to Just Original, you could have actually written my list too ;-)

lupin cottage designs said...

happy new year vanessa. I'll have to think about my nyr too. I'll be stealing your idea of not spending and more saving but then again I keep seeing so many pretty things I love... do craft surplies count as spending

mollycupcakes said...

Good luck sweetie with the list.
Have a happy new year.
It's been lovely to find your blog I come on here everyday to read it.
And yes your apron did bring me luck at the Christmas fair and I'll be wearing it to all the others I do.
See you in 2008.
Catherine x

saraeden said...

HaPpY nEw YeAr hun !!!
heres to a great 2008 !!

Sara x

acorn and will said...

You are so brave to publish your resolutions, I don't think I could take the pressure! Happy new year!


pink-petal-designs said...

Happy New Year Vanessa !
Sarah x

Katy said...

I'm avoiding lists - because I forget to keep them up!!!!
Happy New Year!!!!!

katie said...

ironing is vastly overrated - give it a good shake when its wet and hang it up - do that with everything and your all set to enjoy the hours you would have spent ironing - sewing instead!! Have a 'use what you have' month (or year!!) then you can use the money you save on supplies to employ an ironer?
Hope these (pathetic) tips are useful!

Garden girl said...

Bleurgh- hate ironing too, is rubbish.I do love your list though, good luck with it, and happy new year!

Garden girl said...

Hi Vanessa- have just looked at your Just Original website- it all looks fabulous..I will be back to purchase after the next pay check (oh my, it seems such a long way off though..!)x

Janette said...

hi, thanks for your comment on my site it's really appreciated. As for NYR's apart from the ones specific to just original and ironing which I agree with the others is overated and in my opinion is valuable time wasted etc etc could be/should be my list too.

good luck