Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Were back!

Well we have been home 5 days now and believe me it feels like an eternity! We have been to beautiful Perthshire in Scotland. It has just reaffirmed mine & hubbo's decision to move up there. I am not talking immediately as funds and plans will not allow that, but we are making plans. We have choose a suitable area, we have I think decided on how we are going to make a living up there, depending on what type of home we pick. I have checked out the train timetable and found some nice cheap fairs from our local station up to Dunkeld with just one change for the bargain price of £25. The journey will take a while but what can you expect for that price. But it does mean its affordable for folk to visit. We visited family graves in the most beautiful grave yard ever.
We had our picture taken on a bridge that my great great great grandad built. Here I am with my Mum, little dear & sister.

This is hubbo and little dear contemplating where the best fishing spot is. I did not realise until now that they were both in pink stripey tops. Little dear finds it so funny that her Dad wears pink.
I also met 2 fellow bloggers whilst up there, firstly Karen from Time for Tea & Cakes came and cooked me & my family the most gorgeous meal and she tidied away afterwards. I then went to visit Lisa from Primrose Hill Interiors who has recently opened a wonderful studio at her home. Both girls were fab and again confirmed my feelings about moving up to Scotland.
Any way I will be back soon with pictures of some of my purchases, and also how I spent £1 and had the most amazing time.
Take a look on Northern Belles blog for news on a get together with the chance of making some cash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


mollycupcakes said...

It always amazes me how somewhere so sad can be so very beautiful and there calmness so very thought provoking. A place to feel at ease.
You must feel comfort knowing your family are sleeping in such a beautiful spot.
I hope you and your family get to live out your dream to move to Scotland someday. I hear it's pretty hard to find a more fabulous place to live.
Wow that bridge looks like it will last a lifetime and your grandchildern and there will come back and visit it in many years to come, I'm sure.
Lovely to have met some fellow bloggers.
I can't wait to see what goodies you got and all about the £1.
Good to have you back.
Catherine x

Pixiedust said...

Looks like you had a lovely time. We'd love to visit scotland one day, it looks so picturesque. Look forward to the piccies.

periwinkle said...

glad you had a lovely time , looking forward to seeing the rest of your pics
lisa x

Miss sew n sew said...

How exciting a move to Scotland it's hard making big decisions like that you go for it sounds like a beautiful place. I've always loved Scotland whenever weve holidayed there.
Theres a award to collect on my blog should be on there tomorrow when I've sorted it out!See blog!

saraeden said...

Sooo glad you had a good time and im sooo glad your back ;0)

Sara x

P.S. i suppose i can always fly to meet up what with me at one end of the country you at the other ( this message is a little early .. save it for a few more years when were both living the dream !!! )

Primrose Hill said...

So glad you all had a lovely time up here, it was lovely to meet you all too. Thanks for the little card too, it really cheered up a rather hectic week!

Keep thinking of that dream and it will happen one day!

L xx

tea and cake said...

Hi, really glad you had such a lovely time. And, it was GREAT to meet you and your lovely family! I'm still reeling from 12 people singing 'Happy Birthday' to me! Thank you.
Please move up here soon, and do come again to visit, anyway. Karen x