Saturday, 5 July 2008

What a let down!

Last Sunday me & my trusty assistant went off to Renishaw Hall to do a show. We were escorted to our parking space, shown our pitch, asked if we needed any further assistant. The signs looked good, this should be a good show! We managed to put the gazebo up in super quick time, displayed our wares. We were really pleased with how the stall looked, probably our best ever. The bargain clothes horse and herb rack to display the dishes on added a little extra to the table.

But where were the punters, no where to be scene. I know the weather was not 100% but it only rained twice, once when setting up and then a heavy down pour for about 45 minutes. One thing we did notice as we were driving to the venue, there were no signs saying 'Craft Fair here today'. Why o why do these folk take your money give you some posters to advertise the show and then leave it at that!
Some of the stalls did not even take any money, luckily I covered my costs and made a bit more, and potentially I have got a wholesale order. So I can not grumble but I will. The other thing I noticed was that people were been very careful about there money. normally people buy some of my stuff as gifts, not necessarily knowing who for but they know someone will get it. That was not the case, people were purchasing with other people in mind!
Got lots to do as I go on my jollies next Friday up to Wee bonny Scotland! In fact with that in mind I might make a list on here!
  1. Iron
  2. Wash little dears bedding
  3. Sort out reading matter for Holiday (unfortunately my copy of CL will not arrive in time)
  4. Go and buy the provisions for the holiday.
  5. Chase up replies for little dears birthday party.
  6. Take photo's of stock.
  7. Try and complete a bit more on website (going quite well)
  8. Write a letter to my friend in Oz, I love writing letters.
  9. So much more!!

Have a good weekend, whatever the weather where you are.

Vanessa x


tillyboo said...

Oh what a shame ! Your pitch look fabulous too. I know just what you mean about the advertising, it just doesn't make sense does it ?

Still, if you get a wholesale order it'll be great.
Have a lovely hols. Thanks for the sweet post on my blog, we went to Scotland and Skye for our honeymoon and we are going back next year when Boo is old enough to appreciate the prettiness - Skye especially. I just loved it.

periwinkle said...

sorry to hear it didnt go as planned , through no fault of your own. Your stall looked lovely tooo. Hope you have a lovely holiday
lisa x

mollycupcakes said...

Sorry to hear it was a bit of a let down. Your stall did look lovely and eye catching. I would of made a bee line for it.
Better luck at the next one sweetie.
And fingers crossed on that wholesale order.
Have a good time away.
Many hugs.
Catherine x

Jennie said...

Your pitch looked fantastic. Sorry it wasn't as productive as what you hoped.
Good luck getting ready for your holiday! Have a wonderful time!

prettyshabby said...

oh thats a shame..your stall looked lovely least you made some money unlike some of the others (that must be awful!)
Have a great time in Scotland when you go on Friday..x

Pixiedust said...

Hi Vanessa. The stall looked great. We did a bear fair the weekend before last and that was a bit rubbish. People just don't seem to be spending at the moment. And I know what you mean about the signs. The ones for our show were pretty non existant too. arrrggghhh.

tea and cake said...

That is such a shame for you. And it IS all down to the advertising. Last week I happened to be passing Belsay Hall in Ponteland, and saw a huge, hand-painted sign advertising a quilt and patchwork exhibition. I would not have known about it otherwise, as I don't live around there. Your stall did you proud, and great news about the possible wholesale order. cheers, Karen x

picciolo said...

how annoying, and your stand looked so great. Good luck with the wholesale order though! I hope you are getting through your list,
: )

Claire said...

I hate fairs like that - your pitch looks fab and all the things are so reasonably priced. I went to one like that last month and felt like going out on the street and trying to drag people in (like that wouldn't have scared them off!). Hope that you have a lovely holiday - I am going next Saturday and I can't wait x

maria said...

Hi and thanks for your comment on my blog. Yes the green house is a lovely shape. We were lucky to be given it but still have to put in some glass or plastic.
Your stall looks very pretty.
I have had similar experiences. It is very difficult to predict what a fair will be like. I am taking a break at the moment but may do some more one day.

Katherines Dream said...

Never Mum would say. It is hard work to set it all up...but it did all look so pretty.
Have a lovely holiday.
I am going in 2 weeks! camping..I am beginning to think if this is going to be a washout!

Katy said...

what a complete poo! I would have snapped it all up!!! Your stall looked GREAT!

Fabric and Bags said...

Your stand looks great, very colourful - sorry to hear it wasn't a great day - it really is a shame as I know how much work goes into doing these shows. I've just done 3 days at the Great Yorkshire Show in Harrogate and it was a disaster! No-one is spending. Keep your chin up and have a lovely holiday.

LOUISE said...

Thank goodness you just about covered your costs. These half-hearted affairs are so annoying, the organisers would benefit from advertising the event and you certainly would. At least you know not to go again. Have a great time in Scotland. x

Lace Threads said...

Your name in hat! Tee hee. Thank you!
I think your stall looked fab. Good about the wholesale order. Good luck with it!