Sunday, 5 October 2008

Busy week ahead!

This is a photo taken a couple of Saturdays ago at Clumber Park. Little dear absolutely loves paddling through this ford. The funny thing was that as we were sat in the car eating our picnic about 10 cyclist attempted to go through the ford and fell off on the green sludge!

Well I have had a busy week and next week seems to continue the theme. But my high light this week was booking tickets to the Country Living fair in London. Me & my sister are going down for a nosey to see if it is a viable option for next year for Just Original.

I have lots to do this week so to make sure I am achieving things I am going to blog every evening this week with my done list, but I am going to write down my definitely must do list and anything I do extra to this is a real bonus.

  1. Finish off 'Campervan Swap' items.
  2. Make up 10 Eco bags.DONE
  3. Cut out 4 cushions for an order.
  4. Make up 20 recipe books for baking sets. (All ready printed, need cutting & sewing)-DONE
  5. Put together a package for a potential wholesale customer.DONE
  6. Make up 10 'Weekend' set netting bags.DONE
  7. Cut out labels for weekend sets.DONE
  8. Start making up gift sets. DONE
  9. Cut out 10 cushions.
  10. Cut out 10 child's aprons.
  11. Make up 10 baking set bags. DONE
  12. Lavender bags & more lavender bags.
  13. Try out some new gift ideas for Teachers Christmas gifts. DONE

As you can see lots to do, so I will let you know how I get on tomorrow with pictures as proof.


shabby chic said...

Sounds like you are going to be very busy making all those things. I like the sound of the recipe book it sounds very nice indeed. Cant wait to see all your lovlies
Take care xDominique

Cathy said...

Are you sure you are going to have time to blog with photos this week?! It sounds like you may be too busy to do much else except sew. Good luck with getting it all done.
Cathy X

picciolo said...

wow good luck with that list!
: )

Natalie said...

I can't make lists like that it makes me hyperventilate! Good luck with it all, especially your Campervan! Still gotta get yours finished too!