Wednesday, 5 November 2008

A build up! (Not in my bowls)

You know when you have a lot to blog about but downloading the pictures, making the time just seem to get in the way of you actually sitting down and writing a post, well that's how I have felt for the past week, so today at work I have made the effort.

Look what arrived in the post for me, a much awaited parcel from Natalie at Roseberry Crafts, she was my swap partner in the Campervan Swap arranged by JellyBelly, Jelly Brain.
Look at the gorgeous parcel, are you excited at this point as much as I was, I think not!

More build up, more gorgeous paper, but the chocolates were lucky to get into the photo action!

Yeh! The campervan picture is amazing, the amount of detail and effort was fabulous, the vintage cotton reels are now added to my little collection that I got from my holidays earlier in the year.

Gorgeousness! (Is that a word!) Waiting to be displayed in my studio, talking of my studio, look below!

My studio looks very lovely from the outside, now it is all rendered and painted and accessorised. Ignore the cable going in through the window, I have light in there but as yet no sockets are live! My hubbo is working on putting the radiators in there this weekend to get some much needed heat in there. I will do an inside shot soon.

Look what loveliness arrived on my door step on Saturday, don't get the impression that I need a different brooch for every outfit, I sell these at my fairs! Lovely friend Sara @ All about Eden makes them for me. I have to say my favourite one is the aqua one and guess which one sold!

I also received an award from Joe over at Josie - Mary, so thank you very much.
The rules are that I pass it on to 6 people so here goes.
Well done ladies you thoroughly deserve it!
My next gripe it with all you ladies that have not entered my giveaway as yet all you need to do is put up a link on a post to my blog 'Passing on' Jamies Mackeral Pate. And then just leave me a comment saying the deed is done. (I have altered the rules slightly to make it easier for you)
Have a good day, don't know when I will next post as I have a big fair at the weekend, so I may be sewing and packaging stuff!
Vanessa x


Bagladee said...

What a great post packed pull of goodies and a great blog....:) so jealous of you having a studio, we plan to build one next year. I cant wait. x

picciolo said...

Hi, thanks Vanessa! Your studio looks amazing, and I love those brooches, just gorgeous.
: )

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

What's happened to Nathalie these days do you know? I can't get her blog and there's nothing on her website? Did you take any photos of what you sent her? I want to compile a round-up of what everybody sent each other in the swap.

Petticoat Lane said...

Thanks so much Vanessa for the award. Love your goodies, what a fabulous parcel to receive. The picture is gorgous.
Loving the studio, how wonderful to have your own lovely place to escape to, to do what you love.
Jane. xx

Pixiedust said...

WOW, What a great parcel. I think I would have been as excited as you. xxxx

mollycupcakes said...

Thank you sweet lady for the award.
And sorry for not doing the giveaway thingy it's just I can't do any tecy stuff on here just yet until the 11th, so i'll have to pass on that one. That is unless you feel cheeky enough to just let me in on it lol
Many hugs,
Catherine x

periwinkle said...

cute camper , but aren't they all :-). Lookin forward to seeing inside your workroom
lisa x

Miss sew n sew said...

Can't wait to see inside your studio the outside looks great! My garden room is almost finished but it is tiny in size compared to your studio I envy all that space! Lovely goodies good luck with the fair!

Swirlyarts said...

Oooooh lucky lucky you :) I love that camper van - gorgeous!

saraeden said...

Its all looking good ... you will have to have a studio warming party hint hint ;0)

Sara x

MelMel said...

Hello, are you the Vanessa that left a post on Lesleys blog?

Lovely gift you recieved....wonderful buttons!

MelMel said...


Faye 'Country Chic' said...

Hi Vanessa,
Thank you! I will send you an email regarding your recent question, sorry not sure when it will be as I am still running around like a headless chicken.