Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry!

No Pictures today as I have no new ones.

Right to start with sorry number 1 - I have been a very bad blogger as I have lots on at the moment, lots of fairs, getting ready for Christmas, husband very busy at work which has forced more day to day chores onto me & then on top of all that I am organising a 'Ladies Pampering' evening for little dears Pre-School tomorrow evening here www.hodsockpriory.com we have sold 100 tickets I have 10 stall holders, 2 beauticians and an Indian takeaway arriving mid way through the evening. I will take some photo's and let you see how it goes.

Sorry number 2 - I have not been leaving lots of comments as I have loaded all my blogs onto Bloglines and it is then a pain to go and leave comments.

Sorry number 3 - The winner of my 100th post competition result, so in theory there is still time to leave me a comment saying anything as you then get entered into the giveaway.

I will try to resume some normality with blogging after this weekend.

Vanessa x


periwinkle said...

Good luck with everything - I think this time of year everyone is busy so don't worry about it :-)
Lisa x

Pixiedust said...

Hi, I've left something for you on my blog. xxx Pixie xxx

Carol said...

Hi Liz, don't worry we all feel the pressure, trying to do everything and blogging is very hard at times.
Take care,
Carol x

picciolo said...

hope you are finding some time to relax in amongst all that running around!
: )

Natalie said...

You shouldn't feel you need to apologize for being busy. Have you seen the "Blogging without Obligation" button on my blog?

Anyway, just popped over to say that I will be blogging about the CV swap when I can find which file of DH's I've accidently loaded the photo's into! I haven't got many more to search through now so it won't be long!
I've tagged you BTW. Details are on my blog.

Lazylol said...

Don't feel guilty about not blogging - just blog when you can!
Hope things slow down a bit for you soon, still all those things that have been keeping you busy sound like fun!

Miss sew n sew said...

Life sometimes life just gets in the way of blogging don't worry I'm the same so much to blog about but very little time don't worry about it. Good luck with everything you busy bee!