Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Anyone found my mojo!

It's just a short post to say I am having a short blogging break until the New Year. I seem to have lost my mojo about blogging, I still keep checking in on you lot but that's as far as I go at the moment. I have a lot going on with Plans for Just Original for 2009 and a very naughty 4 year old and on top of that Christmas, I have not even put my decorations up yet!

So here's me wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a fab New Year!


Jude said...

Hope you find it again soon, if you want to.
Best to concentrate on family matters this close to Christmas.
Wishing you a lovely time over the holiday period and look forward to hearing about all your news soon.
Peace and Happiness

periwinkle said...

hope you find it soon - hope you all have a lovely christmas and new year
lisa x

Petticoat Lane said...

Have a lovely Christmas and all the best with your plans for Just Original in 2009.
Hope to see you back in the New Year
Jane. x said...

I am so sorry I have not sent you your giveaway winnings yet. I seem to be allergic to Post Offices and also have not blogged the brooches yet for you to choose. All I can say is SORRY! I will get on with it soon. Have a fantastic christmas. Love Emma xxxxxx

saraeden said...

Happy Christmas !!!

mollycupcakes said...

I'm sure you're mojo came back and you've all had a fabulous time.
Merry Christmas,
thanks to you we've had a draft free one lol
Catherine x

Rosesposes said...

Hi just wanted to drop in and say hi!, hope you had a lovely christmas time. Hope you get your mojp back , maybe in the new year. i think we all get a bit like that sometimes xx take care x Dom