Monday, 5 January 2009

Mojo not back 100% but getting there!

We had a very hectic Christmas, but a lovely relaxing New Year! I hope you all had a great break and I hope that all of you did not catch the dreaded lurge! Meet 'Pudding' the rescued seal at Scarborough's sealife centre, bless him he's only 3 months old and he was rescued from the river bank in York!
Here is little dear paddling in the sea at Filey on New Years Day, it was very strange we expected it to be very quiet but it was really busy for Filey. We spent the day loosing pennies in the slot machines, eating warm donuts & latte's and a long walk along the beach. PERFECT!

Back to reality now, little dear went back to Pre - School this morning and then she went to our new child minders for the afternoon. We had to remove her before Christmas from the nursery as she really hated going. She was fine when she was there but getting her there was a nightmare!

I have spent today shopping, preparing meals for the rest of the week and then getting down to my day job which was to update my website and get on with preparing my 'Newsletter'.



Josie-Mary said...

You're back!!! Happy new year.... thank you so much for the lovely giveaway, so many things in 1 box. I've taken photo's on my blog.
Lovely photo of the seal :)

Rosesposes said...

Hi Vanessa
glad you all had a lovely christmas and new year.
Pudding looks cute!
look forward to catching up xDom

Lazylol said...

Happy New Year. I love visiting the seaside on New Years Day - didn't this year though, I had the lurgy!

My Baboo said...

Hi Vanessa, thanks for your comment - I thought that seal was a little ceramic sculpture - it looks so perfect! Good luck with 2009, fingers crossed all goes well! Lx

Andrea said...

Hello!! Yes, hubby says that I cant spend any more money...when I add up what I have spent it could pay for ....oh sooo many bills..but what the heck!! Happy New Year!!

mollycupcakes said...

Glad your mojo's nearly back.
Cute little seal, bless him.
Lets hope he's given all the love he needs.
Happy new year sweetie.
Catherine x