Monday, 2 March 2009

Ta Da!

At last on Saturday the carpet was fitted at 11 O Clock and by 12 O Clock we were beginning to build up all the furniture. My sister took little dear away for the afternoon which meant we could really get stuck in to putting my plans into action for how I wanted MY studio to look. Hubbo even commented how well thought out everything was, I did not tell him that I had been planning this out in my head for over a year now!
I had to give in to the fact that little dear would have to come into here at times or I would not ever get in there, so we bought her a desk and a pop up tent to play in!
It is not completely finished as I have to put up the blinds that I have made, hubbo has got to make my cutting table and I have got to strip down my bargain 1950's kitchen cupboard that I won on Ebay a couple of months ago.
Sorry I have not been around for a few weeks there has been a lot going on as well as getting my studio ready. I have been organising the refurbishment of the flat at Keswick which has turned into a bit of a rush as we have someone in on the 26th of March.
Also my lovely Nan who is in a home is sadly fading away, which is heart braking to see, my Mum is been so strong. I made the decision last week not to visit her anymore as it upsets me too much as she has changed so much, and I don't want to have this image in my head of someone who doesn't remind me of my Nan.
Hope to catch up soon of I can tear myself away from my new playroom!!!!!!


Josie-Mary said...

It looks fab... you lucky girl!!! Of course it's well planned're a women!!
Sorry to hear about your nan, the same thing happened to me 2 years ago. I really didn't want to see her but my sister made me go saying I would feel bad if I didn't. She didn't look like my lovely nan & I really wish I hadn't gone. She didn't really know we where there. I think you've made the right decision :)

Rosesposes said...

Hi Vanessa
It looks great , you must be very pleased with it. It must be lovely to be able to just have one area for crafting and doing as you please. I have to clear up all the time if working on dining tables!
You will be a good influence on your little girl and I am sure she will be a whizz with the sewing machine just like her mum
x Dom

Miss sew n sew said...

Wow it looks really good you have somewhere to hide now - your own little den love it Vannessa you must be so pleased. I know I love mine and it's tiny compared to yours it's HUGE! Love all your bit's and pieces enjoy it!

tea and cake said...

It looks so neat and cosy, well done you!
Sorry to hear about your nan, and you're right not to carry on visiting her. I bet you have some lovely memories that you'll be able to share with your family. love, k x

Carol said...

Wow it is a great place for you to work, all nice a tidy as well.
I bought a book recently called Where Women Create, really interesting little book.
Carol x

Rubys mamma x said...

Oh that looks great. Just wanted to leave you a note to say you are my swap partner for the heart swap organised by mollycupcakes!
If you pop over to my blog you can email me your details xxx

Rubyred said...

The room looks lovely,what a great place to work in.I expect you'll be very busy in there!
Rachel x

picciolo said...

sorry to hear about your nan, a big hug to you.
Your studio is looking amazing, how exciting!
: )