Friday, 22 May 2009

Mrs B!

As some of you will know my Nan Nan died earlier this year, and my Grandad has been having a clear out of some of my nan's treasures, in particular lots of her books. My Nan's taste in books was very stable throughout her life it consisted of Poetry Books, Great classics, books on Scotland, Crocheting and fabulous Housewife books. My Mum has been coming home with a very wide selection and has been distributing them between various sources. My mum had this on her kitchen side the other day and I was admiring it/drooling all over it. So when I arrived at my Mum's on Thursday and she passed it onto me I was dead chuffed.

It looks like it has been in the family for quite a while as the above names suggest. Mary Cuthbert is my Great Great Great Nan, Agnes Cuthbert is my Great Great Auntie, Mary Bagshaw is my Nan and than there's me. For some reason I think something to do with tracing the family tree my Mum has put my name in there, but as my maiden name!

Look at the fab pictures, look at that bunny, talking of bunnies look at the picture below this little beauty appeared in our garden today, not just once but three times. Little dear wants me to pick it up and stroke it!

My Grandad as practical as ever recovered it some years ago to protect it.

Have a great Bank Hoilday weekend!


Simply H said...

So sorry to learn about your Nan. What a wonderful family treasure to have been passed down to you and so lovely to remember your Nan by.

Hope you enjoy the sunshine this weekend!

Helen x

Summer by the sea said...

Hi Vanessa, thank you for your comments on my blog about my Grandma, sorry to hear that you lost yours as well, its hard isn't it? I love your cookery book, I suppose one day, your little one's name will be written in the front of there too! - I too have got some nice keep sakes to remember by Grandma by including a lovely Aynsley posy ornament, I must blog about it soon - take care love Natalie x