Tuesday, 26 May 2009


I was trying to be really good and not buy any new fabric, but I was lead into temptation by a need to treat myself. I went onto Holland house fabric website and to be honest I was quite restrained, I treated myself to 1 metre of Pink spot fabric, and 1/2 metre of the other designs. I have to say the patchwork design fabric is gorgeous. The ribbon was a must too, OK so not really but I love any thing with mushrooms on at the moment.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vanessa, glad you liked your feature! Fabric looks lovely, I did not need to know about the Holland House website! Kate x

Rubyred said...

Such pretty fabrics, love that website!
Rachel x

Fabric and Bags said...

Lovely fabric and ribbon. I've never heard of Holland House, but had to go and have a quick peak - very nice! Will be popping back later for the odd purchase me thinks!!!


mollycupcakes said...

Hello Vanessa,
Well you've gone and done it lol I just placed an order with the lovely Holland house website.
It is full of beautiful things but i didn't have trouble in chosing.
Thanks for sharing that one honey.
What fabulous taste you have.
Hope your well.
I must email Ellie and tell her we're getting married next Spring. This year just got a little bit to full and we can save more now.
Catherine x

Kelly said...

lovely fabrics, i have to stop myself looking or i can't help myself from ordering more!

Anonymous said...

hi Vanessa,
you really can't go wrong with polka dots.. always good to add to the stash.... very dangerous looking at fabric websites... you really were very restrained
ginny x

Barbara said...

Lovely polka dot fabric and I'm hooked on cute ribbon. You can always find a use for it. I'm looking for a red and white spot fabric just now to finish something off so I must go off to this Holland House website and have a look too - never heard of it either I must say! Bx

picciolo said...

I've been caught at that shop too! Love your choices
: )

saraeden said...

Ey up !! Hope you had a good birthday hun x x x

Speak to you in the morning !!!