Friday, 3 July 2009


Sorry I have not been around much lately, loads going on!
  1. Went on a weeks holiday to Crete, great and very warm.
  2. Two days before our holiday we fell in love with a house.
  3. Came back from holiday, started the onslaught of putting house up for sale.
  4. Went up for sale last Tuesday.
  5. Sold yesterday (Yeh!) so excited.
  6. Hubbo says we need to go and check out another house to make sure my dream house is right (Deh! I know it's right)
  7. Go on holiday again on Sunday down to sunny Devon (the weather forecast suggests otherwise).
  8. And in between all of that me & hubbo celebrated our wedding anniversary and both our birthdays.

Phew take a breath now!

Will catch up soon.


saraeden said...

So what have you been up to then ??

No only joking hun and i am still doing the happy dance for you !!

Sara x

Josie-Mary said...

wow you've been busy!! Well done for selling you house so quickly :)
Where are you staying in Devon? Don't forget if your in Exeter to pop in to say hello. Good to hear from you :)

saraeden said...

Have a good holiday x x x

tea and cake said...

Wow, all that happening, you must be in a dizzy whirl!
Congratulations - on all of it.

Carol said...

Congratulations !
Good luck with the house too.
Your list read a bit like my life, I wake up everyday and start a new list! lol