Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Just an ordinary day!

Start the day with a cup of tea!
Drop little dear off at school (hop, skip & jump time!)

Package up some parcels, and pay some bills!

Walk to Post Office (My new place of work)

Out for tea & cake with friend! (I had to share as I am on weight watchers)

A bit of light reading! (started this book on Thursday, nearly finished)

Cook tea, just a chicken & vegetable soup!


Sal said...

My son and I call days like that ' A dormal nay'!
We have many of those but always enjoy them!

melanie said...

A perfectly wonderful normal day. :) xxx

MyBeadyEye... said...

is fab to have 'just an ordinary day' sometimes!! :-) x

Diane said...

I love Blyth - such a pretty little place and some very nice pubs still!! I love your previous post about Chesterfield - Ive never really "done" Chesterfield, but its so close I feel I need to give it a whirl - and I LOVE a good market. xxxx