Saturday, 27 February 2010

A grand day out!

On Thursday i met up with a good friend. She is 39 weeks pregnant so I went to see her. When I arrived at her house at 10.30 I was whisked away to a ' Managing Back Pain Labour' class, very weird but I did find out that I had been doing my pelvic floor exercises wrong after giving birth all this time! So very useful.

We then went into Chesterfield and it was market day. I used to have a branch in Chesterfield so I knew the market was good. Thursday is the flea market so there were some really treasures, I only came away with a cup & saucers but what a cup & saucer I love it.

My friend was then deciding on where to go for lunch in the town centre, and then inspiration took over and she said she knew somewhere I would love but it was out of town. We went to the village of Barlow just outside Chesterfield but it felt like we were driving into the middle of nowhere. We went to the cafe 'Hackney House' it also has a gift shop attached which is very reasonably priced. When we arrived there was a 30 minute wait, we ummed & arhh, I made a phone call to a friend to pick up Little dear if I was not there at school kicking out time. So we had a mooch around the gift shop, made one or two purchases.

The wait was well worth it my friend had meat & potato pie, I had a turkey, brie & cranberry panini (it was weight in day at WW that evening so I was goodish). I also took home one of there small lasagna & chocolate cakes for tea after Weight Watchers.

A grand day out!

(I was back in time to pick up little dear too!)

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Sal said...

I've never been to Chesterfield,although I think we passed through it when we travelled up north, last year!
You are right about Exeter! (And I love York!)