Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Return visit!

We enjoyed our 1st visit to Derwent Dams/Ladybower reservoir so much we made a return visit on Bank holiday Monday. We got up early and arrived at the car park for 9.30, the place was deserted so we knew we made the right decision to get up early. We only did a short walk as little dear has only got little legs you know mummy! We went very high up much too little dears amusement.

We then had a drive around and went to Hope & Castleton. We did not stay for long as to be honest I was a little disappointed in them really, don't know what my expectations were but they did not live up to them. But hey ho its another place off the list. You may ask what the list is, its obviously a list of places where we all want to go to in the UK, both local and national, free activities and paid up activities.

Next on the list is Leverton Windmill, will let you know how we get on.


saraeden said...

just had an idea .. you should come over again and we will meet you and show you the nice bits of Castleton :)

Sara x

Diane said...

Castelton is great - if you get out of the middle bits. Up on the tops is AMAZING and the caves are all vey different too (although may be a bit scary for peeps with very short legs!!) xxxx