Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Van Jamboree

What a perfect weekend to take in the delights of a VW campervan experience. Like many of you folk out there, we at the Just Original household love VW Campervan, the pennies are been saved every week. The Van Jamboree at Newark was in its 3rd year and it was great, lots to see and do and for the bargain price of £16 for the two of us and little dear was free. A great day out!

I did not take many photos but the mint green was great and the red one with the beetle trailer was fantastic, people must spend hours cleaning and polishing them only to get fly splats on them.

Anyway gonna go, more photos after the weekend as we have a trip to York on Saturday, childfree, Yeh!


Helen said...

Oh the red one is just adorable . . . isn't it? Love Helen x

Diane said...

Great day out! I would love a VW Camper - perhaps one day!! Have you been to the stream near the Fox House at Longshaw in Sheffield? Thats our absolute favourite. It does get very busy on a hot weekend but there is still plenty of spaces. We have spent hours damming the stream here. Also, just a bit further afield, i can highly recommend the river at Youlgreave for paddling. Its gorgeous. xxx