Monday, 19 July 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I can tell that the end of term is approaching, as I have been making on mass lots of 'Teachers Gift sets'. Lucky teachers that what I say.

Also another big seller has been my doorstops, I have been that busy with these I thought that they had been featured somewhere without me knowing.

Also with it been end of term it has been little dears first sports day, the team colours top was that big on her it looked like a dress. Bless her she came third in her sprint race.

We also made a trip to Foxhouses in Derbyshire on a recommendation from Diane to set sail little dears new boat. We had a great afternoon which was cut short by a family arriving a little bit down stream with a dog. It was a young dog which was not well trained and it jumped all over us, then proceeded to poo in the stream and the owners just let it float down, pass there own children and onto probably 100 more kids further down stream. Disgusted I was!!!


Josie-Mary said...

yuk....poo in the stream, that's terrible!!!
I love the doorstop :)

Diane said...

Why does someone always have to spoil it! Lucky teachers indeed. xxxx