Wednesday, 7 July 2010

What's going down!

We did manage to make it to York to celebrate our wedding anniversary, but the weather was really horrible I did not manage to take photographs. We had a great day, a lovely meal, lots of shopping and great company. The CK stuff and the DVD were a wedding anniversary present from hubbo.
We spent the rest of free weekend watching the Darling Buds of May DVD before we had to collect little dear from my sisters. We have also just returned from a 2 week break in France with all my family, it was really great and we even managed to find a car boot sale!!

My intentions before we went to France was to start up some home brew, but unfortunately the Elderflower were not in full bloom and when we returned it was a little to far gone so we will have to see how it goes.
Little dear helping out, can you get arrested for encouraging your child to produce home brew?

Next photos will be of France, Jam making and maybe some crafting!!


Helen said...

I love your Cath Kidston goodies!!

Mary Poppins said...

*Sigh* I adore your CK pretties, and the darling buds of May is the best to watch isn't it :0) Happy Wedding anniversary.

Thank you for the lovely comment, was alittle more exciting than how Master P and I normally spend my thursday's I have to say ;0)

Beautiful blog, am your newest follower :0)


Diane said...

Where did you go in France? I love France and the french way of living. The roast chicken and potatoes on the french markets are good enough reason alone for visiting!!

caireen said...

Hi Vanessa - can you email me your address at thepatchworkdress(AT) and choice of cards (blue, pink or lilac set) - you came first in my giveaway - thanks! Caireen x

tea and cake said...

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary!
Isn't your little girl getting big now?!
Is it one or two years since you were up here in Scotland, I can't remember?!