Sunday, 12 May 2013

WIP - Shiny new roof!

Progress is being made on the house, the roof is now complete (re roofed & new fascia's and guttering), this is a major job ticked off the ever growing list of things to do, but thankfully as the weather is warming up the house is starting to dry out!


Lue Madson said...

It seems that the weather was bad during the time you were conducting a house reconstruction. Did it stop you and the workers from working on the roof though? It's hard to work with a weather like this. Aside from affecting the quality of the work, it's dangerous too. I hope that everything went well! And by the way, what's your current home project?

Lue Madson @ DryTech Roofing Company

Vernia Kale said...

When it comes to upgrading your home exterior, you shouldn't just focus on your roofing system. You must take notice if other parts need fixing or replacement too. In your case, you now have a new roof, fascia, and even a gutter system. That was just great! How about the downpipes? Well, did you really plan to do all these in one major project?

Vernia Kale @ Muth Roofing