Saturday, 20 October 2007

Small update!

Only 6 more button snakes to thread, then hubbo takes over to do his bit for the crafting world! I will finish these of whilst I watch Rugby. I am a really big fan, not one of these fly by night supporters!

I have cut out 4 laundry bags & 2 large aprons, only 4 more items to tick that one of the list.

No sewing done! Boo Hoo

See you tomorrow

1 comment:

tillyboo said...

Johnny Wilkos' legs ... Hubba! Hubba !

Who is the 'Lord Flash Heart' Chap with the blonde locks (No.15 I think) in the SA team ?
He looks too perfect to be a rugby player.

I must admit, even though Horse Racing is my bag I have enjoyed the Rugby very much.

Although, I don't like the curly ears much.