Friday, 26 October 2007

The big push!

I would of liked to of added some photo's but the damn PC will not let me.

The list that I set out to do for last weekend seems to have ended up been a list for all of the week. Anyway down to the nitty gritty what have I done.

1. 14 items cut out
2. All of my Christmas hangers done, 48 in total.
3. All the button snakes complete, 27 in total, just remembered no ribbon on them yet.
4. Packaged up some items but not all that's still WIP.
5. Dispatched my wholesale order (thank god!)

An addition to this was my Accounts.

Me & my sister had a look through my stock list for the shows, she has decided that I have not got enough. I called her many things at that point under my breath, but she's probably right.

Any way I have been up since 5.30, I decided to do some cutting out! I can not believe that it does not get light until 7.30. Just shows what time I normally get up!!!!!!!!!!


Katy said...

Oh my God, you've been so busy!!! You're putting me to shame....I need to rewrite my list of 'Monkey Dos' and get on it!! (ps, thank you for voting for cat girl - that sounds really cryptic, doesn't it?! lol!)

mollycupcakes said...

Wow you've been so busy since I was last on here, sorry honey it's been so long.
Well done and I'm sure your get enough stock done in time for shows.
I have just sent you an email, as I just placed a small order wiht you and you said to let you know when I have.
Looking forward to wearing it and hope you have some flyers you can send me.
Catherine x

Florence said...

I'm only here in a doorstop break...this is not a sign of further procrastination! But either way, I'm now feeling like the world's biggest moaner after seeing what you've got to sew up! Hope the hearts are going well!

...I'm mystified, have I missed a bit or have you still not revealed the full story about the button snakes? least thinking what they might be will entertain me while I do my 2nd doorstop of the evening!

May your sewing be speedy and punctuated by much chocolate at appropriate intervals (I find in between each stitch to be a good measure...)

Florence x