Thursday, 1 November 2007

In amidst all the chaos!

These are my Christmas hearts, they obviously are not going to be displayed like this at the fairs!

I ordered 3 apple crates, I have wanted some for ages, and when I spotted these 3 for £40 from Crocus,I thought why not. I am going to use 1 for my fairs and the other 2 are going to be used as storage shelves in my Studio. (I will update you on the progress on the next blog)
Any way what I really want to tell you about was my day at Eden Hall Day Spa in Newark. Me, my sister, my mum and my sisters mother in law booked the day ages ago. Everyone except me had vouchers to spend. We arrived at 9.o clock and we thought we would stuggle to fill the day, but how I was wrong. I went in the pool for an hour, chatted for a further 1/2 an hour, went for lunch at 12, drank a rather big glass of wine, eat the most fabulous meal. We then went in the sauna, tropical mist shower, foot massager, herbal steam room. They were all great. Before you know it it was 2.o clock and I was booked in for my facial. I came out the room after 25 minutes, they then escorted me into a gorgeous 1st floor conservatory with big bean bags. Before you know it it was 4.0 clock, I had fallen off to sleep.
We then all hit the showers (not all together) and then went to the sun lounge for Champagne & Strawberries to round off a mega day. I was so lucky I did not even have to go trick a treating.
Any way back to reality I have fair 1 week today, so I am going to be sewing madly. Unfortunately my Mum's sewing skills are going to sadly missed as she is selling 2 houses next week, so she will be busy cleaning and taking meter readings and things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


tillyboo said...


I'm so glad you posted the apple boxes, I've been thinking about getting some myself but I'm a bit peeved to pay £40.
It's not that I'm tight ... it's just that my Uncle had an orchard (which I loved!) but when he died all his apple boxes were burnt, Nooooo !

Oh well, better get my purse out.

Love the decs and well done on your dedication, 5.30am? Wow!

saraeden said...

Hey up !!

glad you had a goodtime ... i could do with a spa week !!!

Sara x

Cathy said...

How spooky - my mum and sister were at Eden Hall on Weds and I was meant to be going with them but couldn't make it. I went last year and had such a relaxing day - it really is a great place to go. I am very jealous that I missed out this year. Those hearts are really lovely.
Cathy X

mollycupcakes said...

Hey honey,
Owww that sounded like a gorgeous day and just like you needed it too.
Bet you're all relaxed and freshed for the big Christmas rush now.
The apple boxes are just great, do you have a link for the company?
Thnks for the email, I'll let you know when my order arrives and many thanks you're a real sweetie.
Catherine x

Katy said...

I love those apple boxes!!!
Sounds like you had a fab spa day, I am more than a little jealous, lol!!!!

pink-petal-designs said...

Love those apple boxes and your christmas hearts. You sound like you had a fab time at Eden Hall, lucky you !!
Hope you sell loads and have fun at your fair.
Sarah x

Florence said...

Oh what a wonderful day - that sounds fantastic!

Good luck with all your sewing...