Monday, 19 November 2007

Baking Day!

What do you do if you have some eggs to use? Chucky eggs in chucky cups, egg sandwiches, oh no the little darling wanted to bake, so I thought why not! The chocolate butterfly buns had to be done, as last time we never made it to making the wings as I had no icing sugar, and then we ate them all before I got the chance to go to the shops. Believe me they were very very nice, not that I have eaten them all up.
This is not a freak of nature, its me! I look a bit freaky don't I! (some would say I always look freaky) Whilst on the phone to Sara @ All about Eden, my eyes started to itch & itch, so I rubbed & rubbed them. I then I put eye drops in, took an anti-histamine(incorrect spelling I know) and this was how i looked 30 minutes later!
I then walked into my office, where I had been making up Lavender Pillows and they began to itch again. I had just bought some new Lavender off of Ebay and added it to my stash. I normally buy Norfolk Lavender, but for a change I bought French Lavender. I can not believe how perfumy it is compared to the Norfolk variety. I would sue for industrial injury only that I have not made enough money to make it worth while.
Any way must go to buy some fabric from ebay, and cut out more pinnies for the 2 shows I have this week.


saraeden said...

Is it tea and cake time ?
can i have one for me and one for bear oh and one for dolly and one for ...
Sara x

Cathy said...

The cakes look scrummy. Sorry about your eyes. Lavender makes my hubby sneeze so I am restricted to using it when he's out!
Cathy X

Katy said...

I use french lavender, and it is really pongy (lasts longer though), I hope you get used to it! My husband hates it and swears at me whenever I get any out!

pink-petal-designs said...

Lovely cakes!!
Sorry about how the lavendar made your eyes :(
Sarah x

Florence said...

Oh, poor you! Hope your eyes have recovered. Good luck with the show & mini-pinny making.

I was up sewing a kimono for my sister (which frustratingly I can't blog about as it's a christmas present)...I had never done arm-holes before which was what caused the problem...but the end result has made the stint of being a night-owl with a seam ripper now seem worthwhile!

mollycupcakes said...

Poor honey, isn't it funny how different things affect us. Hope your better now.
The cakes look yummy, save me one lol I'll bring the coffee. x

Good luck with the last 2 shows, can't wait to get the girls aprons, they are going to be so happy with them on Xmas day.
Catherine x