Monday, 12 November 2007

I did Promise!

This was a picture of the stall at the Ladies evening in Chesterfield that I did on Thursday night, it was a fab night both monetary and as giggle, my good friend Eve came to spend the evening with me.

These were picture from the Rufford show that I did over the weekend. I have just recovered and warmed up. The weather on Saturday was bearable, it was just very window at times, but oh my god Sunday was freezing. One of the other stall holders told me I would get 'Car Boot Face' I did not know what she meant! I do now, my face was bright red and so warm, I felt like I was burning up.
Anyway to let you know how it went Sunday was just as good as Saturday monetary wise, but it was a much harder day, every one was spending £2 or £3 at a time. Overall over the weekend I did not sell a lot of my big stuff, but a huge amount of pinnies, lavender bags, button hearts (button snakes from previous posts). I don't think a lot of people were thinking about Christmas shopping and also the show was not well advertised so people did not come there to spend there cash. I had lots of fun though, me, my sister and her friend just laughed and entertained everyone.
I was also asked to attend another Christmas fair on Saturday the 24th November in Southwell near Newark, it's only for a couple of hours so hopefully it should be good one.
I have spent today, cleaning, washing, assessing my stock levels and sorting out my craft fair boxes.
I hope the photo's are of use to anyone out there who has a craft fair coming up, I can not believe how much stock you need to fill in a market stall.


saraeden said...

The tables look great .... i think im going to be sewing up to the last minute !!Im sooo happy that you did well :0)

Sara x

mollycupcakes said...

Thanks goodness you've warmed up now and ready to go to the next fair.
I wish you lots of luck, your stall looked lovely. I'd buy something if I'd gone.

Warm wishes.

Catherine x

pink-petal-designs said...

Hi, your stall looks really good, lots of lovelies on there.
Sarah x

Katy said...

That looks like a lovely stall! I know what you mean about filling up a table - they are sooo much bigger than you think!

tillyboo said...

Your stall just looks so scrummy !
It looks so inviting. Mine looked a bit too busy compared to yours, maybe that's where I went wrong ? Visual overload perhaps.


Cathy said...

Your stall looks great. I have some friends in Southwell and will be driving past on Saturday on my way to holiday but not sure I will be able to drop by. I hope it goes well though and you don't get so cold!
Cathy XX