Sunday, 6 January 2008

Making up for the lack of photo's

This book is one of my Christmas presents from my Mum. As a child I used to beleive in fairies at the bottom of the garden. The title of the book is 'How to find flower fairies'. I tell you the amount of work that has gone into this book is unbelievable, each page has a pop up seen.

This was a present from my sister, it's a fab mobile/lamp shade, very delicate as I throw it into a storage box waiting for the office to be built.

The fab cakes were my Christmas present from my great friend Sara @all about eden (can you see the free publicity sara). The cake stand was what I wanted for Christmas but no-one took the big hints, so I bought it myself from Dunelm. It was a bargain £6.99 with 20% off in the sale.

The fab bag is my daughters present from her godmother. My oldest friend Jill lives in Milan and she bought this from a French shop in Milan!!!

I thought I would give you an update on the office/studio, my hubbo and his Dad have been working on it all over the Christmas period. After this photo was taken the roof trussers were put in place yeh!

This ones for Sara, I don't see your photo up on your blog! Me & Sara met up on Christmas Eve in Chesterfield and she bought these THINGS, and told me I had to take a picture of me wearing it and put it up on my blog.

My little dear starts back at school tomorrow so to start with list One.
  • Order Fabric
  • Cut out 10 kids aprons
  • Make up a half pinnie/tea towel
  • Send out Thank you cards
  • Think about the photo's for my website

Very realistic list don't you think!

Thank you all very much for the comments you leave on my blog, but if you talk to any of my friends they will tell you that I am rubbish to replying to a text message never mind an email!! I do love reading them so please keep leaving them.


Katy said...

Nice antlers!!!! :)

Back to school tomorrow for my daughter too - but still another couple of years before the little starts :(
I love term time, ha ha ha ha ha (I am such a bad, bad mother)

Garden girl said...

Hope you have managed to get some of your list done diet is going well. I have only eaten two pieces of gingerbread so far.Hmm.

tillyboo said...

Love the antlers !

Yep, me too as far as school is concerned, Tilly, not me ...

Will let you know how my Etsy is going :)

saraeden said...

Love those antlers !!!

Sara x

Suzie Sews said...

this picture made me laugh, I spent most of December walking around with these on my head...