Sunday, 3 February 2008

Sorry I've been away so long!

We went to Scarborough last weekend, on our 'Walton's Outing' that we have every year with my Dad's side of the family. The weather was fantastic so on Sunday we went through to Filey and had the afternoon on the beach. I then decided rather than going home I was going to spend the night at my Mum & Dad's in Filey. It was fab! We had a lovely Italian on Sunday night and I was tucked up in bed at 9.20 I then hand delivered a wholesale order in Filey and show them some of my new stuff & some Sara's wears. So hopefully both of us will get some extra business.

I have then been busy cleaning/sorting/listing lots of my daughters baby clothes on Ebay. Very little sewing has been achieved other than some more bunting and other products to load on to my Website as I am thinking of doing another re-vamp as I not completely happy with the way it looks.

Anyway must go to get back to the pending ironing pile, I did 3 1/2 hours of ironing on Thursday!! (Failed on my New Years Resolution)


Katherines Dream said...

Hi Vanessa,
It is nice to meet you. I will have to have a good of your blog.
I love 'Walton' outings too. Winter and a sunny day on the beach....perfect.

mollycupcakes said...

Hello Vanessa,
What a lovely time, they all look so happy.
Good news on the order hope you get somemore business amd Sara too.
Right I'm off to have a look at your website again, you said the magic word to me lol Bunting!

Catherine x

Ragged Roses said...

Sounds like a great weekend in Scarborough. Wintry day on the beach is great. My ironing is threatening to overtake the house so by my standards you are doing marvellously well!

saraeden said...

Thanks for being my friend x

shabby chic said...

Hi Vanessa,
Sounds like you had a lovely weekend . The Italian sounds delicious mmm. I love your website it is great , and all the lovely things you make. What a lovely business to have. The st johns wort does work, I am more laid back at those times!
x Dominique

Garden girl said...

I forbid you from doing any more ironing!! Stop it now! You are putting me to shame! On the plus side your beach trip looks fabulous fun, I love the seaside in winter.x

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

thankyou Vanessa, I've had a quick read of your blog, I love what you make, Im useless at making things but reading yours and other blogs does make me want to get a sewing machine, mentioned it to hubby as a birthday present and he laughed!! what could he mean!!
It's nice you can get to the beach, it makes everyone feel so much more relaxed and happy. xx