Saturday, 16 February 2008

Our day out!

We had a family day out (No hubbo!) on Thursday the coldest & wettest day of the week typically. Me, My Mum, Dad & sister and my little dear and my niece went to Hodstock Priory in Blyth. We are lucky enough to live in walking distance of it, even though we did drive. It is renowned for its snowdrop displays. Its a good 3 hour trip out. It has 2 walks, 1 around the gardens and the other around the woods. Both are only a maximum of 1 1/2 miles. This year there has been some changes though a new bees nest site, fairies to find on the walks and a great new tea rooms and gift shop, and you can also have a walk around parts of the house. The chocolate cake and apple turnover can not be recommended enough, they are all reasonalby priced aswell. The display is on until next month and the cost is not bad either £4.50 adults, 6-16 year olds £1, under 6 Free. There is plenty of picnic tables and a small market selling plants. The websiter address is or just type in hodstock gardens in your search engine. We had a great day out and would highly rate it, so if your in the area take a visit.
This weekend plans are as follows:
  • Go to gym
  • Go to Retford farmers market.
  • Do a bot of sewing
  • Get some items loaded on ebay/etsy
  • Tidy up again!!!
  • Cut out some more pinnies
  • Go and see Mark Ronson tommorrow at Sheffield octagon. Yeh!

I hope you all have a good weekend and don't forget to put your heating on through the night so your pipes don't freeze (well my hubbo is a heating engineer).



Hope you achieved everything you planned for the weekend, you have a busy schedule. A nice place you visited, I really look forward to seeing carpets of snowdrops, everyone seems to like them, they are racing ahead in my poll of favourite spring bulbs on my garden blog. Thanks for the tip on the pipes, you will never go cold if your hubby is a heating engineer! x

Jennie said...

Hi Vanessa, Thanks for the comment on my blog, I was still correcting that post so was surprised to see a comment already!
You make lovely things. I love your blog. I'll definitely be back.

shabby chic said...

Your day out looks lovely. I hope you manage to get all your things you want to do done . I love your stock of items they are very nice pretty things just what i like .
yes brad is dfinately dribble dribble!!
xx Dominique