Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Mr Postman!

How beautiful is this its a Mabel Lucie Attweel Carltonware jug that I won on Ebay over the weekend! I love Mabel Lucie Attwell stuff but I normally purchase just postcards, but when I saw this I thought what the hell as it was so beautiful. Its a special addition and only 100 were produced and I have number 10.
This is what hubbo bought me for Valentines day! As you might have guessed he is not very romantic. 1st thing is that I did not get anything actually on the day, not even a card. 2nd thing i had to email the link from amazon to buy this particular book. To be fair we do not normally do alot on Valentines day as our anniversary for getting together is on the 18th Feb. But this has now been taken over by our wedding anniversary on the 28th May. Also to be fair I only got him a card and some new socks on Saturday! How romantic!!
Any way coming back to the 'How to knit' book, I have been saying to Sara @all about Eden how I want to learn to knit for a few months now but I have not found a suitable book. But via another blogger they recommended that they had been recommended this book I have now taken the plunge! What I am talking about I have no needles or wool yet (Sara load up that wool on your blog so I can pick some out to learn on).
I will let you all know how I can get on! So you can all laugh!


mollycupcakes said...

Good luck with the knitting.
And love the jug it's so cute.
Have a good week.


Catherine x

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

You will be fine with the knitting - just have fun!!! I am trying to teach my eldest how to do it and I reckon learning must be easier than teaching it!!!

Lucy x

Katy said...

Lovely jug - it's so cute!
I can't knit either - so I'll be watching with interest to see how you get on, I really want to learn!

driftwood said...

we just got that book, I can knit, problem is I can drop stitches too, so I'm hoping this book will teach me what to do about them!
good luck, looking forward to seeing what you make!

Jennie said...

I am so jealous about the jug!! (as you can imagine) it's lovely!
I can't knit, well I can a little bit but not very well, I might have to check out that book! Good luck learning, I am expecting to see you've made a hat, a jumper and a pair of leg warmers by the end of this month (hehe).

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

I love mabel lucy atwell, she was my mums favourite to and it always reminds me of her, the jug is beautiful, your very lucky.

tillyboo said...

Love the jug ! I bought some Lucy cards recently but don't want to send them, I want to keep them.

I'm a hopeless knitter so I may invest in this book ...

picciolo said...

hello, thanks for leaving a kind comment on my blog! I've just been reading yours and i'm not surprised you bought that jug, it is so cute. We have the same problem with anniversarys being around valentines day, our getting together one is 4th Feb, and wedding anniversary 29th March. The book looks good!
: )


I also love MLA postcards etc. Do you know in all my years of collecting this and that, including Carltonware, I haven't ever seen one of those jugs, I think you have a good find there, good old ebay, well done. x

Garden girl said...

Good luck with the knitting- I started a scarf at Christmas and have just finished, am pleased with it (kind of) but ready to move onto the next thing now...crochet! I want to be able to make little crochet flower badges with buttons in the middle...O have a beginners book, just need a hook now.x

blissedoutjo said...

I love the jug. Hope the knitting goes well - my mum taught me the basics when I was little and I only picked it up again a few years ago when I was pregnant. So although I knew basic casting on and knit stitch, I taught myself the rest from books. Debbie Bliss is really good - she's got very clear instructions and nice easy to follow patterns. Good luck

Jo x

Katherines Dream said...

Well done you for having a go.
I love that little jug, I will have to go and look for one now!