Monday, 17 March 2008

You are a winner!

Just thought i would give you an update on how my Studio is looking. The inside needs a little work!!!!

Shame my studio has not been plastered on the outside yet!

My hubbo and Father in Law have worked really hard to make it water tight, but it has come to a stand still due to insufficient funds and a busy husband!

This is todays little haul plus 10 lavender hearts. I fell quite inspired as I cleaned out my office yesterday. My little dear has been exceptionally good to let me get on with this little lot, so I promised her we would go to my Dad's greenhouse to do some seed sowing.


Well I picked the winner out of my daughters Easter Bonnet and congratulations The World of Twiggypeastick. Just email me your address and I will send out Robin Hood and a little extra over the next few days!


shabby chic said...

Hello , how lucky you are to be having a studio. It is looking great and i can imagine how excited you must be and cant wait for that plaster to be on the walls, so you can make it into your "Just orginal" headquarters. I will come round for tea later! x

twiggypeasticks said...

Ohhh 100 thank yous, I'm so giddy, I never usually win anything.
Twiglet will be sooooo excited
thank you.
Twiggy x

prettyshabby said...

Hello Vanessa..thanks for your message..believe me its turning into a nightmare trying to keep our house takes ages to clean up and seems to last all of half an hour! aaaaaaaaaaghh! I'm dreading people coming round to view..thank goodness for 'under the bed' its amazing what you can bung under there when you need to!
I adore your new garden studio..looks fantastic..I'd love to be able to hide away from my stinky boys with lots of pretty girlie sewing stuff! bliss!
Sairer x

periwinkle said...

Your own studio, you are so lucky. Can't wait to see it when it's finished. What bag pattern did you get?
Lisa x

Miss sew n sew said...

I bet you can't wait to get all your bits in your studio I'd love my own one day. Like the bibs their real cute!

Jennie said...

Oohh well done Twiggy!!!!

The studio looks brilliant. Can't wait to see it when it is finished.

driftwood said...

lucky you getting a studio, I'm sure it will be worth the wait.

Crafty B said...

Hi - that little studio is looking fab, can't wait to see the finished outcome!! x

Curlew Country said...

Hello Vanessa, thanks for popping by my blog to say hi. Lucky you, a studio how fantastic! Looking forward to seeing how it develops.
What a lovely blog you've got.
I really enjoyed Land Girls and Joe is just fab isn't he - I can't remember who the actor was but he's definitely a favourite of mine! The book is even better, defintely recommend it (I got a 99p copy on ebay). Really worth it - lots more of Joe!

the flour loft said...

Hi Vanessa,
How fantastic to see how your studio is taking shape. My man has taken the week off work to start converting an outdoor garage space into a shared family space including a crafty area for me. It's very exciting but it all takes time doen't it ... not to mention the cost. good luck with the rest of yours.

Ragged Roses said...

Congrats to Twiggy! Your studio is looking very impressive. Hope you and your family have a great Easter

Lazylol said...

Hi Vanessa - thanks the comment over at my blog. Your studio will be fab, lucky you! I'm so envious because I have to work at my kitchen table and have craft things stuffed in every cupboard!


Hello there from deepest North Wales! just found your blog - how inspiring! you seem so busy and fit so much into your life - good for you. So envious of your studio, it will be great. Just started Blogging - have a visit and say hello! XX Vicky XX


What a studio! You must be so looking forward to getting in to it, and to get started on the craft ideas you have in mind. x