Friday, 28 March 2008

Northern Belles Crafts has lift off!

Have you ever spent hours looking through websites and search engines in search of information on Organised craft fairs, craft shops, retail outlets that might be interested in handmade goods or simply some where to buy supplies! I know I have and so has Sara @All about Eden, so this is our solution (Sara came up with the idea).

Both me and Sara are from Up North (Above Birmingham) and we both feel that sometimes a lot of focus is put on Down South crafts and there is not a lot of information for us up North folk!

So we have decided to put together a blog, with useful information on Funding/Grants available/Forums/Business links/Craft Fair Organisers/Craft Fair Insurance/How to display your item at craft fairs/People to help with logo design/Where to get your items printed.

We also want your feedback on fairs you have attended that you feel might be of use to fellow craft bloggers, with contact details for the organisers.

We are looking for people to contribute to the blog as me & Sara don't have all the information, so if your interested in joining let me know by leaving me a comment.

Don't be shy we need your support!

Have a good weekend!

(The Northern belles crafts will not be open until the 4th April)


shabby chic said...

Thats a great idea for you Northern lasses!. I will support you by buying your goods .
Have a lovely weekend x Dominique

Sarahs Home said...

Hello, thanks for stopping by my blog.. I agree that there is a lack of information on craft things in the north, excellent idea.

Sarah x

periwinkle said...

Thats a great idea,
Lisa x

Lesley said...

Good luck with your new venture! As a southerner (but former northerner) I'm just as in the dark about many aspects of craft fairs etc so I'll be an interested lurker!!

Pink Stitches said...

How exciting! I'll be a southern belle spying in, although I have difficulties finding information like that for down here so may be some southern belles need to get together. Looking forward to checking out your work.
Cara @ CraftyB / Pink Stitches

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

That sounds like a really interesting venture!

twiggypeasticks said...

What a great idea, I'm from Yorkshire and never have any idea about craft fairs etc until after the event!! I will watch with interest.
Good luck
Twiggy x

driftwood said...

fab idea!

Miss sew n sew said...

I think thats a brilliant idea I agree theirs not enough info for us northerners I live in Derby so if there's anything in my area I'll let you know

Lazylol said...

That is a great idea - I am always on the look out for fairs and shows. If I see anything in the local papers I will let you know.

Faye 'Country Chic' said...

That's a fantastic idea. I hope you get lots of help from fellow bloggers. There really is very little to find, when I did a fair last year it was the customers who knew what ones were best to do locally... sadly I forgot where they said, silly me.

Claire said...

I'd be up for joining in - I have booked quite a few fairs in the Nottingham area, and it's taken me a year of pestering people to try and find out where some of them are and who to prod - let me know if you want a hand as I'll be up for helping out!


Good luck with the website for you Up North folks. It is a great idea. No good me contributing though, I am from Down South! x

Josie said...

Hi , what a great idea! so I've tagged you and hopefully more people will read your blog through mine and get involved, I hope thats okay, Josie

Summer by the sea said...

Hi Vanessa - I would certainly find it useful - I have been thinking about starting doing craft fairs but don't know where to find out about them, so that would be useful to me - in return I could perhaps share some info on which suppliers i use for cheap haberdashery etc? - Natalie x